Was JFK’s motorcade route changed before November 22?

The question comes from Kirk.

I’ve seen various answers and do not recall what Vince Palamara has said. So rather than reply, I will print concise and documented answers from knowledgable readers.

“Concise” means less than 500 words. “Documented” means with links to relevant documentation or page citations from relevant books.

The Ghost by Jefferson Morley

CIA spymaster James Jesus Angleton was one of the most powerful unelected officials in the United States government in the mid-20th century. Beginning in World War II through the Cold War, Angleton operated beyond the view of the public, Congress, and even the president.

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  1. Lawrence P. Schnapf says:

    According to Curry’s book, the change was made on monday, Nov. 18th when they drove the route. Motorcades normally went down Main Street. When the Host Committee decided on the Trade Mart for luncheon,route had to be diverted to Elm Street because of road barriers past the Triple Overpass. If the other luncheon location had been selected, motorcade would have continued down Main Street thru Dealey Plaza.

  2. Martin Shackelford says:

    The route taken on Friday was the same route described in an article in Tuesday’s Dallas newspapers.

  3. RonnieWayne says:

    I just re read the chapter the “The Trade Mart & the Mystery of the Motorcade Route” in Mr. Palamara’s “Survivor’s Guilt”.
    It wasn’t changed, it wasn’t officially finalized until 2-4 days before the parade.
    He concludes with “The Secret Service, between November 18-20 had approved the route with the dog-leg Elm Street turn, clearly the most hazardous from a security standpoint.”
    It must be noted that earlier in the chapter it is brought out that none of the SSA’s interviewed by the Warren Omission, HSCA, the author or other authors could ever remember Who exactly made the decision. It is also clear that in addition to forgetfulness obfuscation was part of 2-3-4 agents statements.
    Why is a much deeper question.

  4. MARK BARSOTTI says:

    This claim (that the route was changed) has appearing in various assassination books, down through the decades, but I’ve never seen any documentation to support it. An alternative – and more likely possibly – that I’ve also seen in print, is that one of the Dallas papers printed an inaccurate version of the route earlier in the week, but I don’t recall seeing a copy of this possible inaccurate map reprinted either.

  5. According TO DP Chief Curry. SS advance agent Lawson returned to Washington on 11/15/63; to verify the yet unapproved motorcade route. On 11/18/62 Mr. Lawson returned to Dallas with the new and final route that had been approved by Kennedy officials, which now had the change at the end of it. And, which would now take it past the TSBD building, where Oswald was now working!

  6. Chief Curry stated that on Friday, November 15th, that he, Capt. Fritz and Sheriff Decker were informed by SS agent Winston Lawson, who was in charge of the planning for JFK’s motorcade and trip to Dallas. That the upcoming motorcade route had not yet been fully approved by Kennedy officials. And, after which time, he then headed back to Washington to check on the approved route. Mr. Lawson then returned to Dallas the following Monday, November 18th with the final approved route; which would now be taking it past the TSBD building on Elm St.

    • Rex Ray says:

      “Dallas Chief of police, Jesse Curry drove the lead car that was near the underpass when shots were fired. His commands were recorded on the police radio channel: “Get men on top of the underpass, see what has happened up there. Go up on the overpass. Put everyone of my men there…Notify station five to move all men available out of my department back into the railroad yards and try to determine what happened and hold everything secure until Homicide and other investigators can get in there.”

  7. I can recall the TV commentators remark when JFK’s plane landed in Dallas that the motorcade route had been changed. Find that footage.

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