Do JFK secrets lie abroad?

“Oswald was under counterintelligence surveillance from 1959 to 1963,” Morley said. “Everywhere he went he touched CIA collection operations, code-named secret intelligence operations, whose product was delivered to Angleton.”

Source: JFK secrets may lie abroad | The Herald

The failure of the release of the latest documents to clarify the causes of JFK’s assassination is hardly surprising.

Don’t forget that the CIA knows the contents of the documents and controls the order in which they are released.The CIA is not going to release revelatory documents first. It will release them last and then only under duress.
To the story of the CIA’s continuing cover-up, McClatchy’s Kevin Hall identifies another hole in the historical record of the assassination the JFK  files of Russia, Cuba, and Mexico.

I disagree with Judge Tunheim that the Russian records are the most significant. SInce these records all date before June 1962, they cannot shed much light on the events on November 1963.

The records held by the Cuban government are much more significant, I think. They described what Cuban counterintelligence learned about what CIA-sponored anti-Castro, anti-JFK militants said in private before and after November 22, 1963. Some of these records are referenced by Fabian Escalante, retired Cuban intelligencer officer, in his book El Complot. It would be great service if the Cuban government made these records public.

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