JFK research task #2

Many thanks for many responses to my plea for James Angleton research help. I now have a team working on it. Soon we will have a transcript of one of the last times Angleton testified in detail about the state of U.S. counterintelligence, Yuri Nosenko, Lee Harvey Oswald and other related matters. Thanks to all

Here’s another research task that would be very useful for me, (and otherstudents/bloggers/historians):

A spreadsheet version of this document:

CIA Historical Staff Chronology Volume 1 1946-55. (There’s also CIA Historical Staff Chronology Volume 2 1956-65.)

Download these lists, compile by  CIA in-house historians, and you will see  they consist of four columns:

column 1 cites occurrences of world-wide significance;

column 2, events of national interest;

column 3, developments in the US intelligence and national security communities; and

column 4,milestones in the evolution of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Included are public events of major political, diplomatic, military, and technological significance, as well as selected intra-Agency activities.

I would like to get these documents in spreadsheet form, with dates in the left hand column. Columns 1-4 across the top.

I suspect there’s Adobe/Excel magicians out there who can do this with ease.

Send finished product here.


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