CIA Media Assets

JFK Redacted: The CIA’s Collaborators in the Miami News Media

As the October 26, 2021 deadline for release of secret JFK assassination files approaches, here’s one improperly redacted document that identifies the CIA’s collaborators in the Miami press.

The document, dated March 1964, is titled “Special Activities Report on JMWAVE Relationship.”

CIA Media Assets
The names of CIA informants in the Miami news media are redacted from this CIA document under review at the Biden White House.

JMWAVE is the code name for the CIA’s Miami station.  “Special activities” is a euphemism for CIA manipulation of the U.S. press, which is supposedly forbidden by the Agency’s charter. The document says that the Agency approached Miami news media sources to  “work out a relationship that would insure the make sure they did not turn the publicity spotlight on KUBARK [CIA] activities in South Florida that might come to their attention.”

On the last page of the document, the names of three sources who assisted in this effort 57 years ago are still censored.

Previous research has identified two other CIA assets in the Miami media: AMCARBON-1 was Al Burt, a columnist for the Miami Herald. AMCARBON-3 was Don Bohning, reporter for the Herald. There were others.

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