JFK records release delay sparks anger 

I must say that some of the best reporting on President Trump’s continuing coverup of JFK files comes from Fox News.

The other day James Rosen reported on the missing files of George Joannides. Now this:


The delayed release of hundreds of records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has sparked backlash among scholars and researchers …

Source: FOX NEWS FIRST: JFK records release delay sparks anger | Fox News

1 thought on “JFK records release delay sparks anger ”

  1. There is little confusion of why FOX is best on this. They are a witting front for the Russian Intelligence Service backed Alt Right. Full disclosure has two main benefits for their strategic goals. First, anything that makes US Intelligence agencies create bad press while they are working to take down the Trump administration. Secondly, anything that sullies our government in the eyes of the our citizens also benefits them.

    In the seventies it was the Soviet infiltrated Left wing that pushed conspiracy through people like Marchetti and Agee, and publications like Ramparts magazine. For basically the same reasons. While there are definitely still Left wingers who are at best unwitting agents of Russia, Sanders and his no vote on Magnitsky sanctions, and Stein and her acceptance of RT money and campaign that drew votes from HRC, it is almost complete RU domination of the hard nationalist right that is the real danger. They have put a fellow traveler in the White House, and threaten to destroy the Republican Party.

    While we all hope for full disclosure for historical closure, healing, and justice, let’s not forget that their are sides pushing for full release that have far less noble goals.

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