JFK files: What we already know

As we approach the October 26 deadline for JFK disclosure, remember what we already know about the JFK story. Revelations don’t come out of the blue. They fill in a picture we that has been assembled. About JFK files released since Oliver Stone’s moview, we can say today with complete confidence that:

The declassified documents contradict the testimony of [Richard] Helms and [James] Angleton denying any foreknowledge of Oswald, and revealed that the fingerprints of intelligence were all over this callow twenty-something.

On the eve of disclosure, Dr. Youssef El-Gingihy surveys the case and some of its most provocative and pregnant leads for The Independent.

2 thoughts on “JFK files: What we already know”

    1. Angleton denied paying attention to Oswald which was deceptive. His aide Betty Egerter controlled the Oswald file from December 1959 to November 1963.

      From THE GHOST

      The question was first raised by Senator Charles Mathias, a Republican Brahmin from Maryland on the Church Committee
      “To your knowledge,” he asked, “was Oswald ever interrogated when he returned from Russia?”
      Angleton fumbled for words.
      “I don’t, probably would know but I don’t know whether the military–normally that would fall with the jurisdiction of the military, since he was a military man who defected,” Angleton babbled. “So I don’t know the answer to that.”
      In fact, Angleton did know the answer. The FBI interviewed Oswald in the summer of 1962 and Hoover had sent the report to his office, where Betty Egerter signed for it.

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