JFK Facts Podcast: Investigator Josiah Thompson on the gunfire in Dallas

Grassy knoll aftermath
A cop runs toward the grassy knoll moments after President Kennedy was shot.

Josiah “Tink” Thompson, retired private investigator and pioneering JFK researcher, speaks with Alan Dale, host of the JFK Facts podcast. Thompson had a long career as a private investigator working on major criminal and financial fraud cases, giving him unparalleled experience in unravelling complex conspiracies. The author of 1967’s “Six Second in Dallas,” Thompson has now updated that classic with new research, corrections, and his revised conclusions about the crossfire that killed President Kennedy.

When it comes to new books about JFK’s assassination, Dale says, “Unquestionably the biggest news is the publication of “Last Second in Dallas.”

You can buy Last Second in Dallas, published by the University Press of Kansas here.



1 thought on “JFK Facts Podcast: Investigator Josiah Thompson on the gunfire in Dallas”

  1. This was a very well done interview with Josiah Thompson and adds some detail to his new book, “Last Second in Dallas.”
    In particular, Thompson points out how the “single bullet” argument doesn’t really matter, since JFK was hit by two bullets to the head, from different directions, within one second (Z frames 313 – 330).
    This is established by the film, by the acoustic evidence, by the eyewitnesses and by the medical evidence.
    Thompson does not opine as to whether LHO may have fired one of those shots from the TSBD. But, if he did, he was obviously acting in concert with one or more others. And that is the ultimate problem for the LN crowd. If LHO acted, but not alone, his confederate(s) had to have chosen to conspire with him to commit the crime of the century. Who would choose to work with him if, as claimed, he was a demented cranky loner? That profile, if believed, would only make sense for using him as a patsy, as he claimed, rather than as a shooter. Their argument fails by the weight of their own preconceptions.

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