4 thoughts on “JFK at the opera”

  1. Ha, being born in Cowtown I read about this a few weeks ago.
    I cant imagine it being objective.
    More for the oil men and bankers, as they are the patrons of the opera there. I don’t imagine it mentions Dulles?

    1. The opera series is sponsored primarily by Ross Perot’s most recent investment operation whose executive team includes several former Trammell Crow execs (Dallas Trade Mart legacy) and some very serious military veterans. Perot’s Hillwood recently purchased a controversial development project along the Mexican border launched by Verde Corp, = whose major investor was Ray Hunt, son of HL – launched by the owner of one of the largest ranches outside of Santa Fe NM who built his own financial empire through Chicago development entity LaSalle Partners – corporate clients of Rosewood Hotels (established with inheritance money from HL Hunt) in Dallas. The continuity of the effects of the assassination seems endless.

        1. Ronnie, there was an eccentricity to this man and his family that you probably can appreciate having lived in the area. Any ties he had to a Rockefeller, a Murchison, a Wynne, a Crow et al were contingent upon his ability to maintain control. I suspect he only took orders when it suited his ambitions. Certainly there was a symbiosis, but I speculate the Rockefellers would have agreed that had Hunt not made a fortune in oil, he would have been considered the village idiot. The power he wielded with East Coast elite in particular would have been predicated on his wealth … that bought him a place at the political table … without it as we know, his sons Bunker and Herbert lost control. Ray was and is far more circumscribed. You might want to if you haven’t already study the Summer Institute of Linguistics, backed initially by the Rockefellers. The Hunts took up the mantle and moved the Wycliffe Bible Translator org to Dallas.

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