JFK 2.0: Focus on full disclosure in October 2017

How to improve JFK Facts? I asked. Michael says:

“First thoughts: An unrelenting campaign to educate the public about the critical importance of October 2017. If the release of information is not acceptable we must demand a new top-to-bottom investigation of the assassination, with a particular focus on the political issues of the day.”

We need what Rumsfeld calls “new eyes” — generations born after 1963 may see what those of us who have been with this from Dealey Plaza on cannot see. They are not in love with the “truths” of the Cold War Era as we older guys are.

In sum, if October 2017 fails, the entire case is re-opened as a vital prelude to a more sane 21st century.

1 thought on “JFK 2.0: Focus on full disclosure in October 2017”

  1. Agree with the suggestion above.

    I wonder if we can bolster it by JFKFacts asking every member of Congress if they support they full disclosure of relevant files in Oct 2017. We could ask for the support from a wider spectrum of political leaders from all sides.

    We need to start a drumbeat of momentum that the new president can’t ignore.

    Of course, what would really force the CIA’s hand is if the Kennedy family would publicly support the release of documents.

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