Jennifer Lawrence as ‘Marita’: the story behind the coming film

Lawerence is re-teaming with American Hustle screenwriter Eric Warren Singer .

I’m looking forward to this for two reasons:

  1. Marita Lorentz’s story about JFK’s assassination was considered threatening by some rough characters. In November, 1977, Lorenz gave an interview to the New York Daily News in which she claimed that a group called Operation 40, that included Lee Harvey Oswald, Orlando Bosch and Frank Sturgis, were involved in a conspiracy to kill both John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro.
  2. Cut to: the true story told by daughter  Monica Jimenez, Future Watergate burglar Sturgis tried to intimidate Marita up–with a gun. Her teenage daughter responded effectively.
  1. Jennifier Lawrence:  I just saw “Joy” and she was better than the movie.

From the Daily Mail: Jennifer Lawrence set to play Fidel Castro’s teenage lover in Marita.



17 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence as ‘Marita’: the story behind the coming film”

  1. I found Marita’s Story in a second hand bookshop in the Netherlands back in the 1990’s and Sam Giancana’s testimony “Double Cross” in our public library. It presented credible evidence to me that the Company and the Outfit were closely linked and carried out the hit in Dallas. The snipers were located in several buildings and behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll. The CIA was monitoring the events from a safe house in Dallas. Many shots were fired but not by Oswald.
    He was working for the FBI at that time in New Orléans and also for the CIA at the laboratory of Dr. Alton Ochsner with his girlfriend Judith Baker to develop a cancer virus for Castro.
    You have to read her book “ME and Lee” for that story and “Mary’s Monkeys” by Ed Haslam. According to Richard Prague, the final shot to Kennedy’s head was fired by a sniper from the Grassy Knoll called “Frenchy” the same guy who was assigned for the hit in Memphis that killed MLK. Frenchy and Raoul are the same persons.
    Louis Bloomfield of Permindex in Montreal, Canada was also implicated and profiled as a contract killing movement that produced Clay Shaw in New Orléans, who organized parties for queers like Dave Ferrie and Perry Russo. The conspiracy was born after the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba ended in a complete failure.
    It was financed by a rich Cuban businessman from Miami and by three oil tycoons from Dallas. Oswald was impersonated by a member of Operation 40, William Seymour, who was also placed in the building where LHO got his job from a lady with CIA roots, Ruth Paine. Porter Goss who was also with the Cuban guerilla group,became the director of CIA 50 years later. What a coincidance if you think of it ! You will find a lot of info on JFK Murder Solved, but the James Files story was a hoax !

    1. Yes James Files story is considered by many to be a hoax.
      Some credible researchers consider Me & Lee as well as Ms. Baker herself to also be a hoax. I think you can find evidence of that opinion on this very site. Your first paragraph could be accurate but read up a bit more on Judyth. I’ve got Mary’s Monkey. Between it and reviews of Me & Lee and discussions on line about it I’ve never bothered to read it.

  2. If Jeb Bush wins his party’s nomination for president or vice president then publicizing his & his fathers connection to & support of Orlando Bosh becomes very relevant. Didn’t Marita Lorentz testify to her story in court ? Under oath ? At some risk of being sued or worse ? Not that a person can’t lie under those circumstances but that gives it a bit more gravity.

    1. Didn’t Marita Lorentz testify to her story in court?

      Unless there is another case I’m not aware of, I think you mean the Howard Hunt civil libel trial.

      She clearly told a bunch of lies there.

      Ed Lopez told Gerald Posner:

      Oh God, we spent a lot of time with Marita . . . . It was hard to ignore her because she gave us so much crap, and we tried to verify it, but let me tell you – she is full of shit. Between her and Frank Sturgis, we must have spent over one hundred hours. They were dead ends . . . . Marita is not credible.

  3. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Point 1 entails an outright lie, but point 2 is directly linked to an attempt against Castro in January 1961. An additional suggestive point would be the deception game by Marita´s mother, Alice, who worked in the U.S. military intelligence and spread that “Fidel Castro Raped My Teen-Age Daughter”.

  4. Rose Cherame, a heroin addict, recounted a scenario involving Italians or Cubans, gun running, drugs, and Jack Ruby, from Miami to Dallas. Rose’s explicitly states 3 purposes for the trip: pay the people in Dallas, pick up her child, and kill President Kennedy. Rose Cherame did not go the distance and was put out along the highway. Marita Lorenz, Castro’s teenage lover, recounts a similar story involving CIA contract agents traveling from Miami to Dallas with guns. Like Rose Cherame, Marita does not go the distance with the gun toting CIA contract agents, mobsters, and anti-Castro Cubans, but gets off along the way and returns to Miami. When taken side by side, these stories are eerily similar; however, Rose Cherame told many people that same story BEFORE it happened. Marita Lorentz told her story AFTER JFK’s assassination. I think Rose Cherame is more believable. Rose Cherame ended up dead on a stretch of highway. Initially, it appeared she was run over during a car accident. The coroner’s report stated she was shot in the head, PLACED on the road, THEN hit by a driver while under the influence of alcohol (the driver reported hitting her), thereby obscuring the bullet wound in her forehead. Rose was not seeking any publicity or remunerations. Marita…well, let’s say she was a lot more sophisticated than Rose. Marita ran with some tough wolves, but somehow she profited. This movie will add nothing new to furthering the case for the murder of President Kennedy.

    1. The coroner’s report stated she was shot in the head, PLACED on the road, THEN hit by a driver while under the influence of alcohol (the driver reported hitting her), thereby obscuring the bullet wound in her forehead.

      No, there is no such coroner’s report.

      1. Well, there was a autopsy report per the death certificate, but it’s missing. Thus no one knows what it said. Why is it missing? Where is it? I’d like to see it.

        1. If this keeps up, I would not mind being missing, as well. If you do not mind, Ronnie, I’ll put a word in for
          you with Jeff, and you can pick up here, where I leave off. You don’t believe the details on the death certificate,
          there was no cause of death described or investigated as a homicide, and no, the family does not determine either the
          cause of death or whether an investigation is or is not conducted. You’ve repeated some claims sourced to J. Gary Shaw.
          without any qualification in your comment, even after your prior comment presenting similar claims was recently featured.:

          Anyone can post nonsense, or spread it. I call it nonsense because it makes no sense as presently (un)supported.
          It seems ludicrous to sit here approving comments on a domain titled as weakly sourced as the one
          you repeated of Richard Belzer, at least it does, to me!

          1. If this keeps up, I would not mind being missing, as well.

            Gee, Tom, on alt.assassination.jfk I have to approve a lot of posts from Tony Marsh.

            Moderating is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

          2. @Tom S.

            DO you think there is any foundation to the Rose Cheramie story/claims at all in regards to the assassination of JFK? I remain sceptical on it.

  5. I’m really skeptical of Lorentz’s story. Not that she didn’t know the people mentioned like Sturgis and Castro, but the LHO Op 40 angle. By 1977 when she told that story, who knows, she may have been, what we call Instagram celebs today, a fame whore looking for attention and making a fast buck.

    I kind of lump her in with “I’m the Babashuka lady” Bev Oliver.

    1. While I’m a big fan of Lawrence after seeing her in the movie, Joy, I’m afraid this is simply more disinformation, more misdirection on LHO, instead of the real assassins: Jean Souetre, Lucien Conein, and probably several others (high probability on Moise Maschkivitzan and Lazlo).

      More drivel has been written about LHO, who obviously had nothing to do with any assassination.

      1. Agreed. Lawrence did a nice job in “Joy.” But for me, the benchmark for all “s**t-stirring” JFK films is Stone’s “JFK.” That was the true mainstream going-against-the-grain film about approaching something close to the truth of 11/22/63. And I think that’s why the CIA went into damage control mode (they were probably caught flat-footed when it was released) and came out with sponsoring the dishonest “Case Closed” by Gerald Plageur. Notice, too, that since that time, it’s been one after another of twisting the truth, especially on the Discovery channel (“Inside Target Car” and so on). So I have zero hope that this Lawrence film will be truthful, especially when it’s mentioned that LHO was supposedly involved in Op 40. When the chips are down, LHO was telling the truth when he blurted out he was nothing more than a patsy (a word that none of us knew until he blurted it out, which I also find interesting).

  6. Sounds like a compelling subject for a Hollywood movie.

    I hope they don’t omit Lorenz’s JFK assassination story. Whether you believe her JFK story or not(I don’t believe it), Sturgis, Bosch, and the Operation 40 thing is full of some interesting characters.

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