JFK Files Watch: Is Trump really too weak to release the JFK files?

Reason’s Jesse Walker asked the single most important JFK assassination files question last October. It will be answered on April. 26.

Meanwhile, I’m asking other people in the JFK community for their views. Like:

Jacob Carter, a Texas-based recovery counselor and author of Before History Dies.

“I believe President Trump will release the remaining JFK files.  I could be in the minority in saying that, but I think he releases them due to his unorthodox approach towards the intelligence community.  He also has a conspiratorial worldview, and he cares about pleasing his followers: those three factors are why we will finally get the files from the governments hands. “

I’ve been putting the same question to other JFK authors and open government advocates. I’ll be posting their replies over the next week.


2 thoughts on “JFK Files Watch: Is Trump really too weak to release the JFK files?”

  1. Don’t bet the ranch on it happening. Perhaps a few docs will be released to make it appear like compliance with the law. Complete openness and transparency would seem to be too much to ask of the ‘Shadow Government’- that’s not their style.

  2. It’s a great effort by Jeff and others to force the release of the remaining files. Unfortunately, when these same people who have misled for years are in control of the documents nothing damaging will be released or have already been destroyed. Without evidence logs and sequential log numbers to match any report it’s unclear how many documents were made or destroyed by any agency. When you control the evidence it’s easy to destroy and hide facts.

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