‘I’m a patsy’: The George de Mohrenschildt story

I am a Patsy! – The Lost Tapes of George De Mohrenschildt from E2 Films on Vimeo.


  1. Martin Shackelford says:

    The tapes didn’t form the basis for the manuscript. DeMohrenschildt read from the manuscript (omitting certain things) into the tape recorder. Details are in Nancy Weiford’s book.

  2. Michael McDonald says:

    De Morenschildt probably knew Lee as well as anyone outside his own family.
    Both men were Russian speakers and talked about history and politics.
    They shared ironic jokes about the communist and capitalist systems then existing
    in which both sides are the punchline. Understand that De Morenschildt
    was certain that Lee was not the assassin of President Kennedy.

  3. Michael RInella says:

    The tapes were never really “lost” seeing as they were in the National Archives the whole time. George’s lawyer gave them to two HSCA investigators in Dallas – there’s even Dallas newspaper coverage that mentions it.

    “Eight years later, as de Mohrenschildt was to be called before the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Oltmans tried to use these tapes to implicate his friend George in Kennedy’s murder. ”

    This quote is nonsense. First, it implies that de Mohrenschildt had already been summoned to appear before the HSCA. Totally false. They wanted to speak with him, yes. De Mohrenschildt had said over and over it was pointless to do so, he had already said all he had to say. Fonzi showing up (while he was out, being interviewed by Epstein) and giving Alexandra a card and saying he’d return that evening is nothing more than possible future conversation – assuming George didn’t simply close the door in his face. Second, Oltmans did no such thing. Oltmans didn’t even try to sell the tapes – that was George’s wife Jeanne (who definitely did not like Oltmans and lied about him to the press) who announced the tapes were for sale for $50,000 (she withdrew the offer when Oltmans reminded her he had a 50% stake in the tapes and she could not sell them without his consent).

  4. JG says:

    HSCA Volume XII: George de Mohrenschildt – HSCA_Vol12_deMohren.pdf

    Including his book on his “dear dear friend” Lee Oswald:

    Appendix: Manuscript by George de Mohrenschildt, “I am a Patsy! I am a Patsy!”

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