I’m looking into a new JFK theory

I’m looking into these claims, which are ostensibly well-documented.

The never-before-revealed diaries of Douglas DeWitt Bazata, a decorated officer for the United States Office of Strategic Services — the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency — claim that his longtime close friend and fellow spy, René Alexander Dussaq, was a “primary organizer and plotter” of Kennedy’s assassination on Nov. 22, 1963.

Source: New JFK assassination theory: Cuban double agent led plot

I have never heard of Bazata or Dussaq. Anybody have relevant data?

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From a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files,

“Can’t imagine a more meticulous take down of the CIA’s decades-long subterfuge surrounding the assassination.”

Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK, with a guide to what will be declassified in October 2017.

23 thoughts on “I’m looking into a new JFK theory”

  1. I knew Doug very well. I worked with him for a few years. We had many lunch meetings over pizza and wine. He told me a lot about this.

  2. Without reading the book, I can say we have to be on guard for disinfo. I am sure this man was an amazing character and warrior. I believe the supposed CO/Cyanide weapon could have been used as described by Gordon Arnold. It always struck me, rather odd, that a trained military man would embellish the size of the gun barrel to be as large as he said, but that gun in the pictures, I imagine from the book, looks plausible as well as very possible insight. I do know that they half loaded some of the bullet casings so they would not go through and hit a bystander as well as contain the actual bullet inside the body. If they had a bunch of slugs lying around, that would be defeating to the narrative. Why, though did no witnesses see anyone with a ski mask on. Why not plant that with the rest of Oswald’s clothe to be found and more incriminating. The fact that he had no residue on his face would have immediately vindicated him had he survived.

  3. I knew Bazata. My late father was an old college buddy of his as well as one of his known intelligence associates. The day Kennedy died my normally taciturn and non emotional mother got angry when I told her the news. She scowled and said “They told him not to go to Dallas! They TOLD him not to go.”

      1. I knew your grandfather through my father’s working with him. I recall his farm in the Potomac area. We used to go hunting on the farm property. He had Peacocks and guinea birds. My dad is in his late 80’s but still with us. Your grandfather was usually covered in paint and spoke French with your grandmother.

      2. May we assume that you know stories no one else does? Did you know of the diary that Robert Wilcox based his book upon? It does not surprise me that people suspected (or knew) the Kennedy administration of dastardly deeds based partly on the reputation of Joseph Kennedy, Sr. and also on inside information that so many insiders hid until the day they died. Our book THE LONE STAR SPEAKS theorizes that the secrets the Kennedys and staff members could not allow to become public is why they supported the fairy tale the Warren Commission produced. Regardless, your grandfather sounds like a fascinating character!

    1. I just completed TARGET: KENNEDY. I cannot think of a reason Bazata would have kept a diary unless he actually recorded what Rene Dussaq had told him. He did not publish it for money (and never knew it actually was published), There is sufficient evidence of Bazata’s own escapades as well as those of Dussaq’s to make one believe the plot Dussaq described was at least one of the of the plots planned to eliminate Kennedy. Since many of these people did not work together or discuss plans (for obvious reasons), why couldn’t more than one group of people have tried to kill Kennedy?

  4. This new theory is not credible to me on its face. No rogue operator would undertake such an action with so many moving parts and that much risk of exposure unless they had some kind of official cover and thus Cuba is out of the picture. A double agent would need to rely on stealth and surprise.

    It reads like Howard Hunt style fan fiction to me.

  5. well said, Cassandra!
    other reliable authors whose research supports the theory you endorse include Peter Dale Scott, Larry Hancock, Bill Simpich and John Newman, among others…

    1. and as to confirming CIA complicity, you can’t do any better than read Jeff Morley’s recent book, “CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files.”
      and please trust me…I’m not just saying that because he runs this website…his book is the real deal.

  6. I think we can assume that this is fraud since the author has also written a book claiming that the shroud of Turin is the real burial cloth of Jesus, after all scientific studies have declared it a fake made in the Middle Ages. Just one more attempt to blame the JFK assassination on Cuba and Castro. 53 years of solid scholarship by Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Gaeton Fonzi, Jim DiEugenio, James Douglass, Gerald McKnight and David Talbot have concluded that the CIA, along with the help of the Mafia and the anti-Castro Cubans, was responsible for the assassination. Tony Veciana’s account of Oswald meeting with Veciana’s CIA handler, David Atlee Phillips, will be available on Amazon in a few weeks. Read that instead of the book by Wilcox; he offers no documentation to prove his case. Also, Fabien Escalante writes a very well documented account from the Cuban perspective. In my opinion, this case has already been solved by these careful scholars and if you want to know the truth, read the books by the authors I have mentioned above.

      1. The title of the book is Trained to Kill: The Inside Story of CIA Plots Against Castro, Kennedy and Che. It will be out in April, 2017. Should be good reading.

  7. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Since this alleged plot involved LHO, as Wilcox said, how could Dussaq recruited him? Since Castro was seeking to talk with JFK, Dussaq should have taken the decision by himself, away from the command echelon of Cuban intelligence. Finally, how can he miss JFK more liberal political approach to the Third Wolrd?

  8. …another cold war spook; alas, another diary. Seems much to do about nothing but the projected sounds of the Christmas Cash-in. Liars and spooks and JFK, oh my!

  9. This is either another Hitler Diaries or an astonishing new slice of the JFK Assassination saga. Try and find out which before I buy the book, Jeff. ?

    1. First things first, somehow author failed to note where the documentation for this remarkable narrative has been archived. Historians of the period will be fascinated. Be it noted that rave Amazon reviews for Wilcox book on the Patton assassination seem inclined to blame Truman and Ike, the damn lefties!

      Patton’s driver certainly enjoyed a long life–48 years “after”–for an assistant assassin.


      Let’s see 5 shooters, each with a “CO”, plus “alternate” shooters, & etc. We have at least 20 persons directly involved being in Dallas before/after/during. Wonder how many others had direct knowledge? Were all the killers Castro sympathizers or “patriot” victims of a huge false flag operation?

      As for the mechanics of Oswald’s shooting, soliciting the opinions of Anthony Marsh, Robert Prudhomme, and Todd Wayne Vaughn might be of interest.

      “Oswald’s CO, according to Bazata’s diaries, secretly inserted the dummy cartridges but Oswald “instinctively” realized something was off after firing the first shot: the signal that the execution was under way. Oswald then let a “clip” fall from his rifle and inserted a real cartridge into the gun and fired a second, authentic shot before the CO wrestled it away.

  10. Having only read the WND and NY Post coverage of this new book, I think some of its rather convoluted story ring true, but I am doubtful that, as stated, Dallas was chosen as the kill zone as early as 1961.
    Too many studies of the assassination — and this one is apparently included — fail to acknowledge the extremely similar plots that have been documented earlier in November 1963 in both Chicago and Tampa.
    Dussaq and Bazata were certainly well-traveled and well-experienced Cold War spooks, but that alone does not verify the theory laid out in Wilcox’s book…

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