I’m interviewed in the new Fox Nation series on JFK

“We still have JFK records being held secret by U.S. government agencies.”

That’s what I told Fox Nation in an extensive interview earlier this year. Now the four-part series is out and I get to see the whole thing. I’m looking forward to it.

To view the 20-25 minute episodes, you will have to sign up and spend at least 99 cents.

Before agreeing to the interview, I asked myself a question:

Should I do an interview for a streaming service (Fox Nation) that feeds Fox News, which systematically misrepresents voter suppression, the January 6 insurrection, and climate change

I decided yes for a couple of reasons.

First I have been treated fairly by Fox News in the past. Check out what Fox correspondent James Rosen wrote about my work in 2013.

Second, doing an interview for a documentary strikes me as different than appearing on someone’s show (eg Tucker Carlson) where an appearance might imply endorsement of that person. Am I endorsing Fox Nation? No. I’m trying to reach its audience.

Third, i’m glad that the JFK assassination is one topic where my pro-Trump friends and family and I can agree: the government needs to come clean. JFK is not part of the ongoing culture war and I want to keep it that way.

I agreed to do the Fox Nation interview because I think the state of the JFK case today is an important topic and I want to reach as many people as possible, including people with whom I have profound disagreement other issues.

Does that make sense?

5 thoughts on “I’m interviewed in the new Fox Nation series on JFK”

  1. Though I’ve not seen it and don’t watch Fox apart from clips posted to Telegram, I greatly approve of you or any other sensible analyst or researcher of the assassination submitting to an interview on any of the MSM networks, including Fox. It not only helps keep the issue alive in the public mind; it also limits the chances of either the right or left appropriating the historical tragedy for a “culture war,” as you put it.

    One question: you (Jeff) appeared in a fascinating documentary for Japanese public television last year, and though I believe I read here somewhere that you didn’t believe the “rogue faction” theory, I was wondering whether you might accept a variation of it. Rolf Mowatt Larssen seems to suggest that the “rogue” CIA operatives he identifies might have cultivated Oswald as an assassin, and the documentary leans toward Oswald having been a gunman in the assassination. Since I don’t think Oswald fired a rifle on the day (probably not even a handgun), that doesn’t sit well with me. But what if those same rogue operatives, Esterline and Moore (I’d add Dallas-native Phillips in a kind of local triumvirate) cultivated Oswald as the patsy for an assassination they knew was in the planning, to be Marcello’s “nut” set up to take the blame? Does that seem far-fetched?

  2. Jeff, I thought your appearance on the CBC program, The Fifth Estate’s presentation of “The JFK Files: The Murder of a President,” in November 2017 — was brilliant. If the Fox Nation documentary is half as good as the cited CBC program, it will be ground-breaking [for the typically ‘asleep at the wheel’ U.S. media].

  3. I am very happy for you that you got the chance to do this interview with Fox Nation .I like Fox too.I would like to see it all.Its not the 99 cents that stops me .its my personal info I would have to disclose to pay the 99 cents. I cant take a chance of being on facebook. That’s the same reason I dont buy yours and Oliver stones books although I’m sure they are great.and I have great respect for both of you.I cant take a chance of being on Facebook or tweeter and I like them too. ON J.F.K. facts I was able get my voice out there without taking risk .I do have very much confidence in you.I just cant take a chance putting more info out there than I have on J.F.K.Facts. Thanks a lot for what help you have done helping me get my facts out there. GOOD LUCK WITH your new opportunity……./ by NOT FOUND ON FACEBOOK.,OR TWEETER G.W.HICKS

  4. Well done … I hope our current President and the PIDB watch this series … And/or are informed of it. October 26 will soon be upon us and further disclosures must occur.

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