18 thoughts on “How Hulu’s ‘11.22.63’ recreated ‘the backyard photos’”

  1. The 8th and final episode was released this week. Just wondering when it would be a good time to start commenting on it without spoiling it all for those who’d like to watch it still…

  2. Edward K.Thompson perfected newspaper compositing of photos. He was the managing editor at LIFE mag. He had possession of the BY photo that he published in Feb 64 in LIFE. WC Chief Counsel Rankin had to ask him 4 times for the original photo. Finally Thompson produced it for the WC with the memo that he only retouched it around the rifle butt, leg & head. Limited hangout if you ask me.

  3. While the book stuck with the lone nut tale, this series is throwing in intriguing hints of conspiracy. So far, it has stayed focused on the idea of George DeM working with CIA-like figures to “handle” Oswald during their strange “friendship.”

    Not sure where it’s headed, but that part actually rings true to me.

      1. There was a clip at the book depository but not in the backyard photos supposedly taken only days before the Walker shooting.
        The photo showing the bottom of the rifle clearly shows a rectangular hole where the clip should be.
        How could he be planning to shoot Walker if he had no way to load the rifle?
        Where would Oswald have gotten a clip in that short time frame? What local store had such clips?
        Seems like a reasonable question to me but I’ve never
        heard it mentioned.

        1. The clip only stays in the rifle as long as it has cartridges in it. Once the last cartridge is chambered, the clip falls out the bottom of the magazine.

          Also, a full or partially full clip can be removed from the Carcano rifle, simply by pressing on a release in the forward part of the trigger guard.

          Just because there was no clip in the rifle, in the BYP’s, does not mean one could not be loaded into the magazine.

          1. I understand that it CAN be loaded but you still need to have the clip to load it and the fact remains that the clip and the bullets were not included with the rifle when ordered and nobody ever found a source for them. The clip is also absent in all photos of the rifle except the ones of it being taken out of the TSBD, where it is sticking out of the bottom of the magazine very clearly even though there are no bullets in it to hold it in place.
            Since the clip is absolutely essential to the timing of the shooting it would seem that establishing where and when Oswald got it would be of some importance.

  4. I think it is fascinating that the main character in 11.22.63 goes back to 1959-1963 to see if Oswald committed the crime alone.

    It is of course a blast from the past. A 60s time capsule.

    It is also infused with many of the doubts people have had for over 50 years.

    It is very, very interesting to see in the first episode the portrayal of George De Morenchildt “who possibly ran Oswald if anyone did” as Jake the main character says.

    We will also see Hosty, Curtis Lemay, Malcolm Perry, Robert Oswald, Verna Oswald, George Wallace and Jackie Kennedy brought to life in 11.22.63.

    Stephen King wanted to write this book in 1971 but realized he needed to do more research. So he did his research.

    King who of course writes fiction has acknowledged his book 11.22.63 is very different from his other books.

    I feel King and his screenwriter are entitled to their opinions about the some of the doubts people have had for over 50 years.

    I really applaud them for bringing this forth in MSM.

    The story does of course revolve around the doubts about whether Oswald committed the crime alone.

    It certainly is quite clear King doesnt believe the Warren Commission.

    He is also reflecting what the majority of Americans think about the Warren Omission.

    It is a very, very different and interesting take on the JFK Assassination.

  5. I find it somewhat humorous that some on this forum seem to have missed the obvious fact that Stephen King is the author of FICTION. The genre of Horror Fiction to be precise.

    As such King’s opinion of the JFK assassination is completely irrelevant.
    His views have no more weight than a mainstream newscaster, or a mainstream politician, or a mainstream academic; all of whom are under the spell of of the popular MYTHS of modern PR.

    1. Seriously, Greg? Do you find the show to be factually accurate? Or does attention to accuracy take second place to entertainment?

        1. I read the book Stephen King wrote. Good work of fiction but, still garbage in, garbage out.

          Did you read his book? Did you find it to be factually accurate?

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