How do you solve the JFK assassination?

As I said in at the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas two years ago, the challenge is to: describe the latest evidence accurately; use the internet to mobilize online civil society; press for full disclosure; and insist on accountability. It can be done by 2017.

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  1. Charles, you are partially correct when you say “follow the money.” Money is a means to an end: Power. Follow the power and patterns of people welding that power. What emerges is a picture of mindsets, a philosophy if you will, that adherents follow with religious zeal – the uninhibited opportunity to make profits – and they view the world as their exclusive monopoly. In order to keep this colossus intact, anyone who opposes (or exposes) the existence of this colossus is eliminated. Follow the CIA’s assassination of foreign leaders beginning in 1948, and you will better understand how this organization was co-opted as a tool for capitalist control (not democracy) of the world. Google “CIA ASSASSINATIONS”, sit back, read, and be enlightened.

  2. charles archibald

    To find the truth, as to who may have ordered the assassination of JFK, one needs to start at the top and as Mr X (Donald Sutherland) in Oliver Stone’s JFK movie,said, ask “WHY”. Why was JFK Killed? One can start with the Rothschild,Rockefeller elite groups and work their way down the list, as they say”follow the money”. Well, who has the money,who wants to control the world, who has the power to make it all happen. These elites are so wealthy they do not even make the Forbes, most wealthy list.Why? answer-They own the media.

  3. To solve the JFK Assassination, you simply must imagine what it would take to prove to a jury of his peers, that Oswald was guilty as charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Forget about the dubious, mock trial in the U.K. with the well-familiarized Bugliosi against JFK-Assassination novice Gerald Spence.

    Two other mock trials in the U.S. resulted in either a hung jury or acquittal.

    The detailed work of many researchers like Krusch, Speer, DiEugenio, Meagher, Lifton, Palamara, Mantik, etc. etc., lays the foundation for reasonable doubt. Circumstantial evidence is on the side of conspiracy.

    Like Willy said here, this case may have been solved already.

    P.S. Jack Ruby’s real motive to kill Oswald was to prevent a trial, not to spare Jackie Kennedy from attending one. Unlike the white-washing Warren Commission, the HSCA found that Jack Rubenstein had SIGNIFICANT underworld connections.

  4. I agree a JFK 2 movie would be important to let everyone know what is known now and supported with documents.

    I have my doubts if an Oliver Stone JFK 2 Movie will ever be done. Stone may fear the consequences of doing that.

    It may fall to a playwright, filmmaker yet unborn to tell the fuller story.

    President John F. Kennedy was also a Man of Peace and was hated for it.

    Someone such as Allan Dulles went to his grave feeling the continuation of the Cold War was the best foreign policy.

    He was a player an unelected one!

  5. How do you solve the JFK assassination? This is the wrong question. The American state is withholding information, and what of relevance it does not hold, it has destroyed.

    The question should be;- How do we get an admission of cover-up?

    Once an admission is made America can then face the reasons for the cover-up and hopefully the reasons for the assassination. Nothing happens without the first admission.

  6. A fair and just solution? Charge the co-conspirators. Have an unbiased trial. Present the evidence (or not). And let the chips fall where they may.

  7. And even Posner, to his credit, signed the letter organized by Morley demanding the release of the Joannides files.

    In his book, Posner posited Oswald’s motive to his “humiliation” in NO during the radio panel discussion. What Posner couldn’t have known at the time was that the DRE anti-Castro Cubans conducting that humiliation were originally organized, funded and guided at that time by the CIA.

  8. The case is closed. Oswald shot Kennedy all by himself. No conspiracy. Read Gerald Posner’s book. Why do people keep this conspiracy stuff going? To make money?

    1. Read Posner more carefully.
      He posits that LHO was the lone gunman, but says he is unable to rule out a conspiracy which might have been confederated with Oswald.
      He also does not rule out Waldron’s mob hit theory, but feels there is insufficient evidence to prove it.

      Maybe Posner will appear on this site sometime; unless Posner is a pseudonym for Photon…

    2. Anonymous Contributor

      Mr Warr seems to think that Gerald Posner’s Case Closed is a credible source of information, a view not shared by the majority of informed critics. Here is a selection of articles pointing out serious problems with Posner’s book:

      Posner has had difficulty distinguishing truth from fiction. He claimed to have interviewed Dr J. Thornton Boswell, who was one of JFK’s pathologists, and James Tague, who was wounded in Dealey Plaza. According to this article, both witnesses denied that they had spoken to Posner:

      Posner is probably best known these days as a serial plagiarist who was sacked from his job writing for an online publication:

      If you honestly want to find out about the JFK assassination, Case Closed is probably the last book you should read.

    3. Posner’s book is based on a false premise – The Warren Commission Report.

      His lapel flip doesn’t help either.

  9. It is today the Fifty Second Anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s Assasination. The years have done nothing to numb the brutality of the Ambush in Dealey Plaza. Mrs. Kennedy came close to being killed herself. It is still hard to believe this happened in our country. But it did.

    We will always be left with that nagging feeling of what might have been had JFK completed a two term Presidency. We know it would have been a great Presidency.

    Those who were involved in killing him did not want the things he stood for, and campaigned on to come to pass.

    It was a close election in 1963. The person supposed to win or thought likely to win did not No problem. We know how this tory ended.

    It is chilling to know of the powerful players in 1963 in the United States who had such far reaching power despite not being elected. These powerful players carried out the Coverup after the Assasination.

    It is also disgusting to read of the dealings of these powerful players had with Oswald prior to 22/11/63.

    There is now a mountain of evidence and documents. We know the names. It is a large group of very familiar names at this point.

    No one did time for the Crime of the Century. Hard to believe.

    Was it a perfect crime? No!

    We know a great deal more now than we knew in the first 20 years after the Assasination.

    This is some comfort.

    It is also some comfort to know the Affordable Health Care Law has come to pass. This was an idea John F. Kennedy believed in.

    1. Politicians seem to live in a different reality from most citizens. Perhaps it is a product of many competing interests and factions demanding mutually exclusive policies and limited resources. In my experience, change has come only when the plain facts about something are so glaring that the politicians themselves can no longer exclude, lie or deny with a straight face.

      For some the inherent momentum of the obvious truth can be liberating, akin to being able to speak without fear, without reprisal. For most, that go along to get along, the experience is different. It is humiliation and shame that makes them change, an embarrassing truth that can’t be dismissed, a personal more than a professional crisis of legitimacy.

      Enough facts are here now, enough circumstantial evidence present, that in another 50 years the extra-constitutional coup will be accepted as true. I have no doubt of that. But if you want to see this change in your lifetime something more is needed. As Photon and Jean demonstrate, even a sliver of plausible deniability is enough to hold the mental dam in place. There has been a mountain of illegality since 9/11 and the Government and Courts are demonstrably broken. Power has truly beaten the rule of law.

      The good (and sad) news is that the powers that be have bled so much basic credibility that reform of some sort is seen by many, maybe even most, as a necessity. Even by those in positions of authority. A complex mass of material will not cut through the fog. Books, Youtube and social media are great for informative details but film still seems to have a unique power to mobilize.

      My wish is that Oliver Stone or similar master filmmaker would come back with a JFK 2. A story largely after 1992, crafted around the efforts of researchers, the good ones and even the bad, to demonstrate beyond doubt that something is very wrong. It seemed to work the last time.

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