Help release the FBI file on Frank Sturgis

One of my favorite JFK Facts stories came from a woman named Monica Jimenez who pulled a gun on Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis when he tried to intimidate her mother, Maritz Lorentz, about her JFK  assassination story. Jimenez. was fifteen years old at the time. The threat suggests Sturgis had something to hide when it came to JFK.

The investigative web site Muckrock has a great follow-up story. It turns out there’s a whole lot more to be learned about Sturgis: namely, an FBI file containing 75,000 documents.

Source: Help release the FBI file on Watergate burglar (and alleged CIA asset) Frank Sturgis


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    1. Scott, I listened to your conservation on the link. How much documentary evidence have you got, in terms of your father’s alleged relations and activities with Frank Sturgis and others?

  1. tontinecoffeehouse

    We know Richard Helms destroyed most, if not all, the important files on MK ULTRA (his traffic accident outside Chestnut Lodge Sanitarium, in Rockville, Maryland, in the early 1970s, when he claimed he was just visiting his analyst there (it was a very high-end, moneywise, treatment center for the schizophrenic children of the very rich, and the CIA worked out of one wing of the hospital, doing MK ULTRA experiments, and from Gerard Colby’s outstanding book, Thy Will Be Done, we know at least one lady was sent there for a mind wipe), so why would anything be left which would be incriminating on the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK?

    1. Before the JFK Act, and the release of extensive amounts of files from the 1990s onwards, on the assassination of President Kennedy, it could be credibly argued that researchers were working with one arm tied behind their backs. There is no guarantee of course that there is anything in Frank Sturgis’ files that are significant. On the other hand, it you do not even try, then you will never find what you are looking for, and as the old adage/saying goes, knowledge is power:

  2. That the FBI is holding as much as 75,000 documents on Frank Sturgis strikes me as interesting and intriguing. If this file was released then you would think many more people would get a much better idea of some of his activities. It does look like an extensive file given the number of documents involved.

  3. Frank Sturgis confessed to multiple people, including former NYC Detective Jim Rothstein, that he was one of the ones who shot John Kennedy. CIA E. Howard Hunt said that his longtime friend Sturgis was involved.

    March 3, 2015 email to Robert Morrow
    “He said he was one of the shooters on the Grassy knoll
    Oct. 31, 1977 at approx. 1000pm
    (former) NYC detective “ Jim Rothstein email to Robert Morrow

    Jim Rothstein interview with Robert Morrow on 3-4-15:

    When Rothstein and his NYPD partner arrested Frank Sturgis at Marita Lorenz’s apartment at 10PM on the night of Oct. 31, 1977, they jumped on Sturgis and as Rothstein stuck his .38 in Sturgis’ mouth and his parter had his .38 pressed up against Sturgis’ heart, Rothstein said “April Fool, mother—–, don’t move, you are under arrest.” Rothstein said that “April Fool, mother—–” was a common phrase the NYPD stake out unit, really the NYPD assassinations squad, would use on criminals they would ambush while the criminals were actively committing crimes.

    These were .38 police special service revolvers.

    Rothstein then handcuffed Sturgis and put him in a chair and interrogated him for 2 hours.

    Jim Rothstein, who had been on the USS Essex at the Bay of Pigs, then at one point shook Sturgis hand and said “I want to thank you for killing Kennedy.” Rothstein was on Essex when Kennedy called off air support for the Bay of Pigs invaders.

    Sturgis was caught on tape saying “Marita, you know what the rules are” before she was to testify to the HSCA relating to the JFK assassination. It being understood that “talking” was violating the oath of silence which could get you killed

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