FLASH CANCELLED response: FBI wasn’t interested in Oswald

Jean Davison responds to Bill SImpich’s “Why was Oswald’s name taken off the FBI’s watch list?”

FBI officials removed Lee Harvey Oswald from an FBI watch list six weeks before JFK was killed. The question is why?

Simpich argues that two top FBI officials in Washington, Marvin, Gheesling and Lambert Anderson, removed Oswald’s name because he had proven useful to the Bureau in some type of undercover operation in New Orleans in the summer of 1963.

Davison responds:

“Since he knew Oswald’s history, [Washington-based FBI agent Lambert] Anderson would’ve seen at once that Oswald had repeatedly lied to New Orleans FBI agent Quigley. Oswald told Quigley he’d moved to Fort Worth after his Marine discharge, that he’d met and married Marina there, and that he’d moved directly from Fort Worth to New Orleans. Nothing about living in Dallas where the Walker shooting took place. He claimed that his pseudonym A.J. Hidell was a real person. In other words, Oswald had his own agenda.

“The federal surveillance of Oswald was spotty at best. His FBI case was closed for about seven months in 1962-63. The CIA program HTLingual picked up a few of the Oswald family’s letters to and from the USSR, described here:

“The FBI reopened his case in April 1963 but lost track of him after he left Dallas that month and didn’t relocate him until July:

“After [Dallas FBI agent James] Hosty learned that Oswald had been in Mexico he immediately tried to locate him in Dallas, but his worry was that Oswald might’ve been recruited as a Soviet spy, not that he was a danger to anyone.”

“The HSCA called Hoover’s disciplining of agents “unwarranted…The actions of the agents involved were appropriate under the circumstances as they knew them. That Oswald turned out to be an assassin should not have been used to fault the agents, since they had no reason to suspect that would be the case when they were dealing with him.””


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