Where to find the smoking gun: in the 30,000 JFK documents that remain secret

After the JFK document dumps of July 24, October 26 and November 3, the most historically significant records related to the assassination of the liberal president remain out of public view.

In the released files, we find more confirmation of the CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton’s close attention to Oswald six weeks before JFK was killed.

In the still-unseen records, I have a hunch that we will find smoking gun proof of the CIA’s pre-assassination manipulation of Oswald. But there are a lot of unseen records.

After the papers released on Friday, the archives still held 30,678 documents. Archives officials anticipate several more batches being released in the next few weeks.

Source: C.I.A. Documents Describe Lee Harvey Oswald’s Visit to Mexico – The New York Times

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