Fetzer Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Case

James Fetzer is an odious, obnoxious man. I met him via JFK assassination discussions and found him knowledgable about certain facts but rather unhinged. He thrived on picking fights. He impugned me as a CIA collaborator who was hiding the truth about deceased undercover operative George Joannides. I reminded him that the allegation was stupid because, if it wasn’t for my reporting, he wouldn’t know anything about Joannides.

I’m happy to report that the courts have punished Fetzer for his vile conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook school shooting.

The focus of the Wisconsin lawsuit was a 455-page book, titled “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It Was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control,” which claimed the massacre at Sandy Hook was staged by the federal government to promote tighter gun control measures. Among other things, the book claimed that the school had been abandoned years before a gunman killed 20 first graders and six staff members.

Source: Sandy Hook Father Is Awarded $450,000 in Defamation Case – The New York Times

10 thoughts on “Fetzer Loses Sandy Hook Defamation Case”

  1. Should we ever celebrate censorship of thoughts, ideas, and arguments? I can generally agree that harassing people at their homes and the like should be prohibited, but I am very uncomfortable with censoring ideas just because we find them false, offensive, or even downright odious, and this even if the individual promoting them is personally despicable. It just seems to be a very dangerous precedent.

    If Fetzer is wrong (and I have not read his book or anything he has written, for that matter; I know nothing about him), wouldn’t the best course of action be to simply refute his claims, ridicule them, and move on? What does censorship do other than give the one proposing such views ammunition to say “See! I told you I was right; they can’t even engage my arguments so they have to censor them.”

    Regardless of what you think of Fetzer and his arguments, I don’t think censorship is a good thing. The shoe could easily be on the other foot. What’s to stop the government from censoring those who question the official story about 9/11, or past events like the Kennedy assassination?

    1. In the case of Fetzer, I think the answer is yes. To harass the parents of slain children with a “theory” that has no evidence to support it is vile. I’m a First Amendment extremist in general. But discouraging such expression under penalty of law is warranted in my view.

  2. Well, it may be true James Fetzer may be obnoxious and odious, but does that make him fully wrong about Sandy Hook? Maybe he’s only half wrong. I’m sure not going to depend on the main stream media to tell me the truth about Sandy Hook. After all the MSM had and has no desire to tell us the truth about JFK’s assassination, correct? James Fetzer is hardly the only person to question the validity of what fully happened at Sandy Hook.

    I’m certainly not the expert on Sandy Hook; the JFK Assassination keeps me fully occupied; but I do find it curious that the powers that be were ready to go in exploiting this event for the purposes of gun control. Not less than six weeks after the event at Sandy Hook, the NFL had the kids at Sandy Hook sing at the Super Bowl. Tell me how you even begin to approach a parent to have their child sing at a Super Bowl less than six weeks after their child’s life was threatened? How does a parent respond to that? How would you as a parent respond? How do you even begin to prepare for such an event?

    If the JFK Assassination has taught us anything, it’s that our elites have an agenda that they are prepared to prosecute at any expense.

    1. No. Fetzer is not only a jerk personally. His totally wrong about Sandy Hook. There’s no half-way copout here. He’s a libelous man and he got what he deserved in my opinion. That has nothing to do with the JFK story.

  3. You then don’t care about the truth just because of your personal contact with Fetzer?
    Did you look into the matter of Sandy Hook or read the piece called “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook”?
    What a disappointing comment to be found here.

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