‘Exceptional reporting. Exceptional writing’

MDG writes about my post, “4 CIA Lies” critiquing Politico’s flawed JFK coverage.

Exceptional reporting. Exceptional writing. Thank you for your dedication to seeking justice in this case. We have been waiting a long time to read what you wrote. The facts have led us here


 The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton.

The Ghost

James Angleton’s real life is the most intriguing, moving, and at time shocking spy story in American history. In The Ghost, Jefferson Morley has capture the man in all of his brilliant and sometimes delusional eccentricity.  A must read’ for anyone who wants to understand just how strange and secretive the CIA was at the height of the Cold War.

–David Ignatius, columnist for the Washington Post and author of The Director.


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  1. A ‘Ghost’ is exactly how I’ve come to think of Jim Angleton. He’s long been a fascinating figure, one I (and apparently many more) have never completely figured out. I highly recommend The Ghost to anyone who is interested in history, government & of course, Mr. Angleton himself. The author makes comparisons of Angleton to Machiavelli, Svengali & others. I must say they are extraordinarily on the mark. What made this guy tick? Was it the power? The intellectual game—brilliantly mad as he may have been? Creating a world unto himself through which even his closest ‘friends’ & associates never appear to have fully penetrated

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