The Dulles ascendancy: the rise of a secret government 

Allen’s ascendency brought furtive characters, such as gun-toting William Harvey and cadaverous James Jesus Angelton, into a powerful global apparatus. Cold War ideology brooked no nationalist aspirations in any country wishing to control domestic politics and natural resources. A post-colonial era was emerging. But democratically elected nationalist leaders such as Mohammad Mossadegh in Iran and Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala were conveniently portrayed as communists. In both countries, the CIA orchestrated coups ensuring protection for profitable corporate oil interests and the United Fruit Co. The agency contributed to the killing of Patrice Lumumba, the charismatic Congolese leader who only wanted self-government for his beleaguered people.

Source: The mid-20th-century rise of a secret government | Street Roots

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  1. RonnieWayne, my apologies for the disjointed reading/post. My point is that we really are not living under the democratic principles of the Republic this nation was structured to be. Ben Franklin replied, when asked “What type of government will this be?” “A Republic…if you can keep it!” JFK stated that informed citizens and the free press were the sentinels against “secret societies.” Eisenhower, while allowing the “military-industrial complex” the necessary foothold to direct the machinery of government, warned against its unwarranted influence. Ike admitted that this ‘new development’ was unprecedented and viewed it as a potential threat to democracy. Imagine that! The hero of WWII warning American citizens that the unified integration (with government financing) of military, industrial, and academic domains – not communism or terrorism – posed a potential threat to democracy. View the video from 6:46 onward: WE WERE DULY WARNED!!

  2. Anyone here fans of the show Archer? Every now and then they reference the “CIA shit show starring Allen Dulles” or “those creepy Dulles brothers are in hell” or they mention mkultra and artichoke. Pretty fun to watch a current show with the balls to take a quiver full of truth and fire occassional arrows at these vermin.

  3. Dulles was of group persuaded that Presidents come and go, but the Agency would remain. Presidents were temporary politicians temporarily holding the reigns of power. Dulles, and those of his ilk, took the position that their philosophies and structures would endure beyond the 4, or 8 years, of a President’s administration. After all, Dulles & company were the vanguard of democracy and bulwark for capitalism, keeping back the Communist and Nationalist hordes seeking to take what belonged to the dominant “western nations (read: global corporate elites). Indeed, one could say that, at times, the CIA offered it’s services both to the US government (Bay of Pigs/) and private corporations (United Fruit/United Brands). Dulles was a corporate mouthpiece trained, and strategically placed (infiltrated) into the government, to establish a global military-industrial apparatus to defend corporate capitalism and colonialism, against the rising socialist/nationalist movements within emerging countries. JFK was viewed as a viable threat to this perpetual (military-industrial party: MIP) war apparatus. The POTUS advocating peace and co-existence with communist enemies equated with high treason. Above the CIA, the Joint-Chiefs had the motive, means, and opportunities to kill JFK. #Regimechange. #ServingRichandPowerful. #TheRulingElites.

  4. Dulles wanted Truman to essentially take back what he(Truman)wrote about the CIA following Kennedy’s assassination. I’m glad the former President didn’t do that. But that act by Dulles tells me that the CIA had a lot to do with the assassination. When you behave like that with a former President of the United States, you must be frightened that private actions will someday become public.

  5. Yes, RonnieWayne; the Mockingbird was rejected by JFK, but the denizens of Treasonville were still drunk on blood spilled-out during WWII. The Military-Industrial Party (MIP), wholly unaccountable but unto itself, entertained visions of world hegemony with endless war, terrorism, and poverty for/in most 3rd World countries. Now we see the chickens (terrorism) are coming home to roost (in Europe, America, and allied nations). I do not exclude activities of the CIA as partly (if not solely) responsible for global Mockingbird scenarios that, invariably, lead to police states, less freedoms, and more government encroachment upon human and individual rights, while allowing corporations to enjoy greater freedoms to pollute and destroy the earth for corporate profits. Human beings need to realize that the more expansive businesses become, the more irreparable damage the earth suffers. The more developed this earth becomes, the less sustainable ALL life becomes. Eugenics has not died out as a solution to human population growth (look at China). The MIP (Military/Industrial Party) takes a long-term generational view of it’s world vision. JFK asked informed citizens to do the same in countering these dark forces arrayed against the peace of all life on this planet.

    1. I apologize. I took your words as being a part of operation mockingbird. Maybe I misinterpreted. I don’t think eugenics has died as a concept for the 1%. But your posts are at time somewhat disjointed and thus confusing, though I don’t pretend to be professional linguist myself.

  6. Were members of the military (certain generals and admirals) involved in the plot? Probably. At the very least they managed the cover-up on the autopsy, x-rays, photo’s of the autopsy etc. that much seems undeniable. Was it Berkley alone? Doubt it. But we can only speculate really as to the names of people involved and how deeply they were involved. i suspect all of the people with real knowledge took it to their graves so we’re unlikely to ever really know.

    With regard to military funeral and Arlington indicating military complicity (if that was the point by kennedy63)… Don’t forget JFK was a WWII veteran so he would have gotten a military funeral regardless of when and how he died.

  7. I placed a comment regarding the CIA as the United States corporate protector. In such light, the CIA succeeded in undermining, nay, established a quasi-governmental global apparatus with Executive Action operative capabilities. JFK was but one leader to fall victim to this CIA capability. Had JFK’S assassination been the brainchild of Lee Harvey Oswald, there would be no lingering doubts about either the accused assassin and his motive, or the reason (if an apt wording) for JFK’S demise using a subterranean process of elimination with extreme prejudice. Kennedy’s killers pursued opportunities to kill him in nearly every city in which a mob chieftain, involved in the Castro assassination plots, reigned supreme in the underworld. It is unfathomable that neither the FBI, or the CIA, got any intelligence in advance of the upcoming ‘hit’ on JFK. Indeed, the very admittance of lacking such intelligence augurs in favor of military conspirators originating (or passively allowing) the plot against President Kennedy. After all, JFK fit the profile of one who would favor co-existence with Communist ad Nationalist leaders of foreign countries – the very antipathy of the mindsets of Military chiefs Lemnitzer/Taylor; and, the FBI and CIA leadership under Hoover, Allen Dulles and Richard Helms, during the Cold War. JFK saw the forthcoming coup as either from the Pentagon, or the CIA. I think, at times, the two entities were interchangeable; therefore, it didn’t much matter as to which, but that a coup could come forward from the military – which, after all, trains in all methods of killing, even by coordinated sniper fire. The irony of the JFK coup is that the entity JFK desired to run covert operations (the military) succeeded in executing the most successful and daring clandestine operation in American History – the JFK assassination. The CIA does not overthrow governments. Most often, the coups are carried out by military actions. Oswald’s description came from the military. JFK’S body was autopsied by the military. His funeral was a military funeral. he is buried in a military cemetery.JFK,as President,was Commander-in-Chief. Therefore, his removal from office was a coup d’etat, and Oswald really was a patsy. Try figuring out where the CIA ends and the military begins.

    1. The military collaborated, especially in the cover-up, but the CIA was the executive agency that managed the actual assassination.

      If you have any doubts, read Peter Janney’s Mary’s Mosaic. Janney knew a lot of the CIA characters.

    2. I see your point regarding Tampa and Chicago but for the record Dallas did not have an active organized crime scene. Maybe a few guys here or there with gambling and bar interests for that’s about it.

      1. I wonder if they chose Dallas because time was running out in regards to cities that were/controllable? There was most likely enough people in the DPD and organized crime to set the stage.

        They missed their chances and needed to get LBJ into the big chair to do their bidding soon. I wonder if the “Big Event” failed to happen in Dallas, what their next city of choice would have been.

  8. The secret government is pretty well an open secret for anybody paying attention these days. JFK was but a blip on their radar screen though he was our last true hero. It’s also known as the corporate state, the elite, the 1%. Knowledge is empowering.
    But the Files might be freed still to pacify or antagonize those interested.

  9. Man, you can’t ask for a better summary than that, nor of the seeds of dissension between powerful, unaccountable intelligence officers whose “policies” were in direct opposition to a president who supported nationalist interests as a way to combat communism.

    And just the description of JJA as ‘cadaverous’ is priceless.

    1. “Cadaverous”: resembling a corpse; being white, pasty, thin and bony.
      I was also struck by this adjective. I was not sure if it referred to Angelton’s appearance or his opponents’ disappearance.

  10. if you haven’t yet read David Talbot’s mesmerizing profile of Allen Dulles, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” you should make every effort to do so. it’s an amazing, eye-opening study that will allow you to see the national security state in a whole new light.
    and you will come to better understand the JFK assassination after you see it in the context of the Dulles/CIA ascendancy.
    read it and weep…

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