‘Dissenting’ Dealey Plaza eyewitness to the assassination tells her story again

Pillsworth was one of the closest eyewitnesses to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Source: Eyewitness to JFK assassination tells her story again

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10 thoughts on “‘Dissenting’ Dealey Plaza eyewitness to the assassination tells her story again”

  1. http://jfkassassination.net/russ/wit.htm

    Pillsworth, Mary
    In spite of being one of the last witnesses to the assassination and holding a credential as a news reporter, Ms. Pillsworth was not called to testify.

    Styles, Sandra
    In spite of being one of the last witnesses inside the TSBD qualified to testify before the Warren Commission, Sandra Styles did not.

    Campbell, Ochus 11/24/63 FBI report Witness at assassination scene. Witness at assassination scene.

    Ochus Campbell, the vice–president of the Texas School Book Depository Company, was standing with Roy Truly on the north side of Elm Street, about 30 feet from the front entrance to the TSBD. ,,, Campbell says he ran toward a grassy knoll to the west of the building, where he thought the sniper had hidden. … Mr. Campbell advised he had viewed the Presidntial Motorcade and subsequently heard the shots being fired from a point which he thought was near the railroad tracks located over the viaduct on Elm Street. …’I heard shots being fired from a point which I thought was near the railroad tracks located over the viaduct on Elm street. I … had no occasion to look back at the Texas School Book Depository building as I thought the shots had come from the west.’

    Yet Ochus Campbell, owner of the school book depository business/tenant of the building that was the scene of the crime, provided nothing other than an FBI affidavit; the Warren Commission never called him to testify.

  2. Mary’s contribution to conspiracy lore is being certain that the second and third shots were right on top of each other and that JFK’s vehicle came to a full stop. From the beginning, she has been all over the map as to how confident she was that the shots came from the area of the knoll/overpass. Lee Bowers, the tower operator who seems 100% credible to me, stated he had noticed over the years that loud sounds from the area of the overpass would sound as though they were coming from the TSBD and vice-versa. What is perhaps more interesting than anything Mary has to say is the editorial decision to revise her report in later editions of the Dallas Morning News to remove her original reference to the shots seeming to come from the area of the knoll/overpass. Perhaps there is nothing sinister about it, but it does seem suspicious (as, of course, does the failure of the WC to have her testify).

  3. Many witnesses and witness accounts of gunfire (alternate to the School Book Depository) received scant or no regard in Warren Commission proceedings,coupled with the fact of similar accounts being snubbed and or discouraged by the Secret Services.

    It is any wonder that some of this potentially vital evidence is absent from the Warren “Omission” record?

    The Warren Commission was by no means the exhaustive investigation some would have us believe.

    There were too many witness accounts of gunfire from the grassy knoll direction, justifying no less than an exhaustive investigation of such (shamefully in many respects the Commission went missing in action in respect of such accounts).

  4. I wonder about this lady and her story. Have to admit I’m growing more pessimistic with age. She heard shots from the Grassy Knoll but wonders about the echos. She’s had hearing problems. “Jfk fell forward and down”. Yes he did or was pulled down by Jackie after he was driven back and to the left per the Z film. I guess she missed that part. Why didn’t she give her testimony in 63′? Nobody asked.
    Or a Mockingbird.

  5. Yes Bogman, time after time the Lone-Gunman believers support the Oswald acted alone mythology. Despite being given loads of evidence to disprove the Warren Commission findings they ignore that evidence, ask for even more and use bizarre logic to maintain their position. Many times they rely on the Warren Commission, Gerald Posner, and Vincent Bugliosi who have all been proven wrong in their analysis and conclusions. Witnesses that go against their findings are either wrong, lying or mentally unsound. I’m impressed by the testimony of witness Bill Newman who stated;”We(his family) were standing at the edge of the curb looking at the (President’s) car as it was coming toward us…Then we fell down on the grass as it seemed we were in direct path of fire….I thought that the shot had come from the garden directly behind me, that was an elevation I was as I was right on the curb. I do not recall looking towards the Texas School Book Depository. I looked back in the vicinity of the garden…” In a television interview that same day he was asked where the shots came from. He replied, “back up on the uh, knoll…what you call it.” He said that on Sunday, two days later, FBI agents wrote down his testimony. That was the last thing he ever heard from the investigating bodies. Someone told him the reason he wasn’t called to testify before the Warren Commission was because he said shots were fired from somewhere other than the Texas Book Depository. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  6. This story brings up a thought for me.

    Over and over again the LNers will say there’s “no evidence” that leads to anyone in this case but Oswald. I can think of several strong leads that pointed elsewhere that simply were not followed up at the time, mainly because the feds had told DPD the case was sewed up by the next day. They include:

    o The “Secret Service” agent behind the grassy knoll – was there ever an attempt to locate this person? Did a sketch artist talk to the officer who met with him to get the “agent’s” image? Or a description of the credentials he saw?

    o 544 Camp Street address — the Warren Commission and FBI didn’t even mention this address stamped on a flyer Oswald was handing out in NO. As far as I know, it took Garrison to follow-up on this lead years later.

    o The imposter Oswald in Mexico City – probably the most obvious and significant lead, essentially ignored by the new President, Hoover and the CIA. Hoover, WC lawyers and Jane Roman all said these tapes existed.

    o The Nash Rambler that DPD officer Roger Craig saw someone who looked like Oswald enter and leave the scene – did any law enforcement agency ever try to locate it?

    1. I’ll add one more: Sylvia Odio.

      Again, was a sketch artist ever employed to capture who she saw in her apartment and an attempt find these guys in the Cuban community?

  7. To the LN “side”:

    Uh-oh, better get to cranking up the smear and character assassination machine, as this woman, who has been in the Peace Corp for 50 plus years, is SURELY out to make a quick buck off of the assassination in 2015. She obviously is a money grubbing, publicity seeking conspiracy theorist.

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