Did Gen. Maxwell Taylor take a nap after JFK was killed?

On subject of Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Proteus writes:

“You should ask Bill Kelley for his source. He recently wrote:

“General Maxwell Taylor (US Army): Personally appointed as Chief of Staff of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) over other, more qualified officers, based on a book he wrote that Kennedy read and liked. At the time of the assassination, Taylor and the JCS were meeting with the West German General Staff who later reported that they were incredulous at Taylor’s response to the news of the assassination – he took a nap.

In his talk about JFK´s Vietnam policies, John Newman pointed out Taylor´s role at the Honolulu conference on at 20/11 and 21/11 (Ed. note: November 21-22] 1963. According to Newman, Taylor “gutted” the plan to withdraw 1,000 troops till the end of ´63 by simultaneously preparing plans for stronger actions against North Vietnam.


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