Denied: the JFK records the government doesn’t want you to see

The invaluable WhoWhatWhy has posted a spreadsheet of the 3,600-plus assassination-related records that the U.S. government has never made public.

The existence of the 3,600 records was first reported in JFK Facts last May. The WhoWhatWhy document, obtained by FOIA specialist Michael Ravnitzky, advances the story by providing new details about what exactly the government does not care to share with the American people. 

I’ve already called attention to seven 7 key files that the CIA is hiding,

The National Archives staff, led by Martha Murphy Wagner, says that it is now preparing to release all of these documents online by October 2017.

This list identifies many more documents relevant to the question, “Who killed JFK?” and still more of historical interest. Some that jumped out at me on first reading:

  • The HSCA testimony of Orest Pena, New Orleans bar owner and FBI informant who said he saw FBI agent Warren DeBrueys with accused assassin Lee Oswald in the summer of 1963.
  • A CIA file on J. Walton Moore, CIA representative in Dallas n 1963.
  • Five letters from President Lyndon Johnson to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
  • Minutes of a high-level meeting of JFK aides in August 1962 where the assassination of Fidel Castro was discussed.
  • A communication between the State Department and CIA station chief Win Scott on November 22, 1963.

Take look and send me your list of the five JFK documents you think should be made public.

40 thoughts on “Denied: the JFK records the government doesn’t want you to see”

  1. These files look as though they may be interesting:

    104-10170-10125 CIA file on Alpha-66

    104-10170-10121 CIA File on DRE Amspell Operations.

    104-10291-10014 Birch D. O’Neal

    There are also files on Ann Goodpasture, and the likes of Lucien Conein, Mitchell WerBell III.

    Some companies’ records that might be interesting as well:

    104-10291-10006 Collins Radio (Loose Documents).

    104-10291-10009 Permindex Corp

  2. The unreleased documents will not reveal details of an operation or conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

    Unknown details could potentially be revealed of the CFR/Pentagon’s plans/operations to destabilize nations and assassinate those (Mondlane, Barka, Cabral, Ngouabi, Neto, De Gaulle, Letelier, Mandela, Moumie, etc.) who were determined to put the mechanisms of peace, prosperity, liberty and sovereignty in the hands of their fellow citizens in order to extinguish from their lands the influence, agendas, and activities of the BIS’ fractional reservist participant vassals within the Marxist BIS’ UN/NATO/GATT syndicate.

  3. I am of the opinion that the so-called “government” hasn’t the lawful authority to withhold ANY information from the public. By “lawful” I mean in the aspect of the Common Law, from which the rights to Individual Liberty are articulated.

    The National Security State created a hidden government, unaccountable to the people. That is not governance that is predation. What is being hidden is not to protect the “nation”, it is to protect the crooks that rule the nation.

    Government is a racket.

    1. Willy,
      Isn’t it unreasonable to release social security numbers and other personal information about
      near contemporary individuals mentioned in the course of investigations? Mark Lane is described
      as engaging in sadistic, deviant sex acts. How soon should that have been released, after it
      was reported?

      With everything released, as you described, what of the impact on cooperation?
      The mistake of making it a felony to lie to a federal officer, combined with unsealing of confidential
      investigation records very soon after an investigation discourages anyone from volunteering any information.
      You don’t like or trust government, neither do Tea Party supporters, conservative republicans, or Trump.
      The fault comes down to a citizenry who vote for candidates who do not support the function or funding of
      government and are unwilling to compromise. The citizenry does not support bill of rights guarantees,
      other than the second amendment. The problem is accountability, and it could be improved if OLC,
      DOJ, CIA, NSA, and DOD lawyers and federal judges were actually held accountable. Bar Associations
      and Corporate money fueled political campaigns determine who erodes accountability, or doesn’t.

      What you hold in contempt is not going to go away. It is not 1780, or 1932. Roosevelt explained
      why what you seem to be advocating was impractical 84 years ago.
      ….18. I believe that we are at the threshold of a fundamental change in our popular economic thought, that in the future we are going to think less about the producer and more about the consumer. Do what we may have to do to inject life into our ailing economic order, we cannot make it endure for long unless we can bring about a wiser, more equitable distribution of the national income.

      Why…it’s 84 years later, and who does FDR, five months from his first presidential election, sound most like? …..
      The General recognized that the tactic of sending scouts and military officials as close as possible to enemy lines seldom offered insights into the troops’ future movements. With his forces small in numbers, Washington knew that a larger population of civilians could be called upon to help fight the war.
      Benjamin Tallmadge oversaw the Culper Spy Ring operating out of New York (
      These observations and realities sparked the formation of the Culper Spy Ring, which included a mix of military officials and civilians. As the war waged on, the Culper Ring emerged as one of the most successful and best-known operations of the era. ….

      Our primary problem today, Willy, dwarfing your concern and solution, is diminishing social mobility and
      widening income inequality. Put a dent in that trend and you’ll increase chances of some of what you’re
      demanding. Follow the money.

      1. “Follow the money.”~Tom

        Following the money leads right to the doorstep of the crooks that run the so-called “government”.

        My reply here doesn’t mean I do not grasp your points. I do.
        The System is on autopilot. It is technology in control of humanity, not the other way around.

        See; THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY by Jacques Ellul

      2. Gentlemen, I recall reading back in the 90’s I believe Marina saying “follow the money” regarding the assassination/Lee. One of her more believable statements.

  4. What is the difference between a secret and a confidential file/report? Does the rating go from confidential to secret to top secret?

    There are two telephone interviews with Howard Hunt in 1975 for the HSCA classified secret (the first one is 180-10110-10062).

    There is a top secret HSCA staff briefing (180-10110-10235).

    179-4009-10037 could be interesting as it seems to be a document/communication between Lee J Rankin and Richard Helms at the time of the Warren Commission.

    There appears to be an extensive amount of information on Oswald’s 201 file to be released. There are a number of withheld files/records as well. I have just had a quick look so far though.

    1. GM
      February 5, 2016 at 9:34 am

      “What is the difference between a secret and a confidential file/report?”

      It depends on the level of damage that would be caused by a failure of the security group. A Confidential boo boo wouldn’t be too bad. A top Secret boo boo would be a major blow out. I’ll list the 3 categories below.

      “Does the rating go from confidential to secret to top secret?”

      Yes it does.

      Security Clearance Guide

      Top Secret Clearance
      Top Secret is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. This level needs to be investigated every 5 years.

      Secret Clearance
      Secret is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause serious damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. This level is reinvestigated every 10 years.

      Confidential Clearance
      Confidential is applied to information that reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security if disclosed to unauthorized sources. The vast majority of military personnel are given this very basic level of clearance. This level needs to be reinvestigated every 15 years.

      We might as well ride this other bull while we are on the subject. Many claim Oswald had a top secret crypto clearance. I know of no evidence to support this. Neither the top secret part or the crypto part. Just more BS.

        1. GM
          February 6, 2016 at 2:35 pm

          Bill, thanks for explaining the security clearance guide in the US to a non American person. It is appreciated. Cheers.

          Thanks, always a pleasure to help out. I forgot to add that the information I gave you is for our Department of Defense which controls the security clearance of all branches of our military. The Department of Defense issues around 80% of our security clearances. Other departments (State Department for example)have a little different classifications.

          So where ever you are today, have a nice day.

  5. Fidel Castro is still alive and I’m sure Cuba still would take great offense at the USA plots to murder him. I think that’s why some crucial documents are still withheld. Maybe they will be seen in ten years after Catro has passed away and the USA and Cuba are fully open to each other.

    1. Thomas

      February 5, 2016 at 12:06 am

      We desperately need an American glasnost. Everything should be made public, period.

      … and UNredacted. In a world where security is based on knowledge, isn’t it contradictory to hold security to be the chore of a select few instead of all people? It is insecure to withhold information. The National Insecurity State will falter when the people begin to crowdsource their own information and economic drivers.

    1. In the Politico article, Bryan Bender calls attention to “‘Reaction of Soviet and Communist Party officials to JFK assassination’ that Hoover sent to President Lyndon B. Johnson’s chief of staff, Marvin Watson, a week after the assassination”. (page 27 of 146 in the Archives list)

      Bender is a fine reporter, but I believe the Archives (not Bender) got the date wrong on the form. It was not a week after the assassination, but 12/1/66, three years and a week.

      The prelude was a DeLoach memo about Watson’s phone call on 11-29-66, three years later. I found a copy of it:

      The 12/1/66 “TOP SECRET” internal memo that follows was included by Doug Horne in his book – Doug gave his copy to MFF:

      Here’s the 12/1/66 6 page memo re the Soviet reaction…you’ll see why they tried to hold it back.

      By 1965, the KGB claimed that LBJ was responsible for JFK’s death. (Note: FWIW, I’m unconvinced, but he may have known.)

      It also shows that in the days after 11/22/63, the Soviet leadership was convinced that the “ultraright” killed JFK and that remained their position.

      The funny part is that Branigan writes a memo to Sullivan about this 12/1/66 memo, and he only attaches the last two pages of this 6 page memo, cutting out page 3 talking about LBJ’s alleged central role. I guess they didn’t want Watson to get wind of that!

      1. Within 4 hours of the assassination Walter Cronkite stated that the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union was reporting that JFK had been assassinated by right wing elements.
        It didn’t take months for the Soviet Union to engage in a disinformation campaign to blame the right wing for JFK’s death.It was there from the beginning. Whether it ever really bore fruit is debatable; there were already left wing individuals who ideologically could never accept that JFK could be killed by anybody but reactionary forces. I think that Mark Lane, who repeatedly mislead witnesses in interviews and made false claims in producing ” Rush to Judgement” was the prototype for the early conspiracy author-not really interested in the truth, only in getting a radical off the hook. He and similar authors didn’t need a disinformation campaign to stimulate what they already believed. The same attitude carried over to his relationship with Jim Jones, where he encouraged that individual’s belief that the CIA was out to get him- not based on any evidence, but on his political bias and belief that the color-blind Jones was a progressive, positive individual who merited support.

        1. “It didn’t take months for the Soviet Union to engage in a disinformation campaign to blame the right wing for JFK’s death.It was there from the beginning.”~Photon

          You claim this is “disinformation”, when the fact of the matter is that what might be termed “”right wing” is a euphemism for the false Left/Right Hegelian Paradigm, that drives the “disinformation” of both the Soviets and Amerika of that time. In other words it is ‘Theater’ – a burlesque masquerading as “information.”

          As subsequent research proves convincingly is that the assassination of JFK was a military coup d’etat perpetrated by the Military-Industrial-Complex. That is a “Systemic” coup, one designed by a consensus of the highest levels of government, industry, and especially high finance on a global scale.

          This is the reason that Nikita Khrushchev was remove from power in the USSR shortly after Kennedy was removed in the US.

          In the real System the visible leader is titular; leader in name only, front man, token, dummy, a puppet. A national leader who takes his technical role seriously and bucks the System is on trembling ground regardless of popularity. The System will blunt any individual initiative of such an “upstart”.

          What I have described here is the true architecture of political power in the modern world. This is borne out in grasping real deep history, not the lollipop BS one is indoctrinated in from cradle to grave.

            This is a transcript of the “Travel Agent” sketch taken from
            MP Live at Drury Lane LP.
            A: Anyway, you’re interested in one of our holidays are you?
            C: Yes thats right, I saw your advert in the bolour supplement.
            A: The what?
            C: The bolour supplement.
            A: The colour supplement?
            C: Yes thats right. Im afraid I cant say the letter B
            A: C?
            C: Yes. Its all due to a trauma I suffered when I was a
            Sboolboy. I was attacked by a bat.
            A: Ah, a cat?
            C: No a bat.
            A: Well can you say the letter K?
            C: Oh yes, Khaki, Kettle, Kipling, Kuwait, Kings Bollege Bambridge.
            A: Well why dont you say the letter K, instead of the letter C?
            C: What, you mean spell bolour with a K.
            A: Right.
            C: Kolour.
            A: Yes.
            C: Ah thats very good. I never thought of that before….

          2. Willy Whitten
            February 6, 2016 at 12:09 pm

            “This is the reason that Nikita Khrushchev was remove from power in the USSR shortly after Kennedy was removed in the US.”

            I always thought K was removed from power because of his debacle at the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hauling those rockets back home from Cuba was a shameful act for the Soviets.

          3. “I always thought K was removed from power because of his debacle at the Cuban Missile Crisis.”~Bill Clarke

            Yea?…I bet you did!

            Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

          4. Willy Whitten
            February 7, 2016 at 4:03 am

            “I always thought K was removed from power because of his debacle at the Cuban Missile Crisis.”~Bill Clarke

            Yea?…I bet you did!

            Oh well, nobody’s perfect.

            True Willy, no one is perfect and that includes you. So I am posting a short but nice article of the things that got Khrushchev fired in an attempt to help make you a more perfect man. FYI, I couldn’t find a credible person selling your BS on this subject.

            Khrushchev’s Human Dimensions Brought Him to Power and to His Downfall
            By ALDEN WHITMAN


            The result was that economic and bureaucratic dislocation contributed heavily to his ouster. And not the least of those who turned against him were the bureaucrats whose traditional ways and power relationships he threatened.

            Another ingredient in Mr. Khrushchev’s ouster was the failure of his gamble in the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 to pay off. Although he claimed at the time to have obtained what he wanted–an American pledge not to attack Cuba–many in the Kremlin believed that the affair was a first-class miscalculation.

            He was damaged also by the American U-2 spy plane incident in 1960 and the subsequent breakup of a Paris summit meeting with President Eisenhower.

            For a fourth thing, his bumptious conduct then and on other occasions, such as the shoe- banging at the United Nations, embarrassed some of his associates who felt that more dignity befitted the leader of a great superpower. Some of them, too, had been bullied by their leader in explosions of temper and were delighted to vote his ouster.

            Ranged against him, too, were powerful voices in the army.

            Mr. Khrushchev also caused alarm by the escalation of his quarrel with Mao Tse-tung, the Chinese leader. It had long been a shibboleth of Marxist thinking that the Communist world was necessarily a single entity since it derived from a single doctrine, and the Soviet leader’s China policy seemed to many Soviet and other Communists to threaten the fraternal spirit of world Communism. His handling of the Mao situation was cited specifically in his ouster.

            Finally, there was Mr. Khrushchev’s willfulness as well as what seemed an increasing tendency to take the spotlight. His enemies accused him of both lack of foresight and building a cult of personality.

        2. Once again I’m struck by the odd situation on this site of a commenter writing under an obviously false name while at the same time posing as an impartial truth seeker — and getting away with it!
          What an odd situation for a site that is publicly committed to a factual approach to 11/22.

          1. If you want a factual approach, why do you give credence to an author who claims that Williamsburg is in Northern Virginia? Who claims with no documentation that a former head of the CIA maintained a private residence on a CIA training site 100 miles away from his home that was a 25 minute drive over Chain Bridge from CIA headquarters? When everybody else of consequence who had rural escapes had estates in Loudoun or Warrenton counties-which ARE in Northern Virginia?
            Talbot simply didn’t get his facts ( or the story) straight. He took a claim posted by DiEugenio and Pease in 2010., screwed up the specifics and claimed that he had discovered new information on big, bad Allen Dulles. It was predictable from someone who thought that a meth addict like St. John Hunt who was desperate for cash could actually be a credible source-a source called out by Hunt’s ” normal” family.

  6. I am by no means a document expert. A few did jump out at me, though.

    1) IRS records of Ruth and Michael Paine.

    2) ONI-CIA cable dated 10/10/63. There’s no “there” there, right?
    So, why is it still classified?

    3) Oswald’s CIA 201 files. The list runs 10-12 pages. I literally
    dozed off while scrolling.

    4) Tape of Bill Harvey, Rockefeller Commission.

    5) HSCA interview with David Phillips.

    That’s my five.

  7. ◾A CIA file on J. Walton Moore, CIA representative in Dallas n 1963.

    Moore was the CIA agent/employee who George de Mohrenschildt was in contact with, in regards to Oswald in 1961, was he not?

    1. Yes! That’s the first one off Jeff’s list that got my attention.
      He was the top CIA guy in Dallas leading up to 11/22/63.
      IMO, he ran DeMornschild who ran Oswald (briefly, in conjunction with others, Phillips, Morales?). Yes I know, not Facts, speculation, with some background though.

      1. I don’t think deMohrenschildt ran Oswald without being “run” himself. I think we’re witnessing the unraveling of a layer of patsies that has kept us occupied for 5 decades.

          1. Ha. Bill O’Liely was there on the step and heard the suicidal blast. Then left the biggest story in his life at the time. Why?

  8. Look for your favorite document – do a RIF search with only the first eight numbers – and you’ll find the docs closely related to your favorite document. Fascinating.

    I’d like to see the audiotapes with Boris and Anna Tarasoff, the ones in Mexico City who transcribed the tapes of Oswald/the Oswald character during late Sept 1963. (see page 57)

    The most intriguing of the interviews is 180-10147-10337, entitled “Tarasoff” and McWillie and Oswald.

    Why is McWillie being discussed with Oswald? McWillie was a mobster who was a close friend of Jack Ruby in Dallas, not Oswald according to the records.

    Why is “Tarasoff” in quotation marks? Why would either of the Tarasoffs – Russiann translators who did not live in Dallas – know anything about McWillie?

    Anna also worked in CI, which makes the whole question even stranger.

    Another important document on the same page is 157-10002-10028,
    “Rapproachement with Cuba – Testimony of William Atwood”, given to the Church Committee by Kennedy’s aide who reached out to the Cubans in 1963.

    There’s so many good docs I’ll stop there – it’s really worth your time to study the neighboring documents.

  9. Ira Jesse Hemingway

    Get over it, elements within in the United States Government murdered President John F Kennedy. This cadre had the capacity to reach the creation of the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission Report is 50.0001% disinformation it makes it a waste of time review the report.

  10. “A communication between the State Department and CIA station chief Win Scott on November 22, 1963.”

    This intrigues me as well. After all, according to Colby & Dennet in “Thy Will Be Done”, elder statesman Adolf Berle – whose speciality was Latin American affairs – was working within the State Department when he met with CIA Chief of Clandestine Services in the Western Hemisphere (Nelson Rockefeller’s old friend) J. C. King to ponder the fate of Freeport Sulphur Company’s mining project at Nicaro, Oriente province, Cuba. King wrote Dulles, “If permitted to stand, it would encourage similar actions against American companies ELSEWHERE (emphasis mine) in Latin America.

    This reflects the obvious argument that Cuba represented the tip of the ice berg suggesting that powers beyond those directly implicated in the BOP or Missile Crisis may have hidden within the acute focus on those events, the DRE, and the FPCC – the foil for Oswald’s set up. I would look to INCA to cast a wider net particularly given we know that the public face of the machine, founder Ed Butler was related to one of the characters involved in the Houma escapade. Might this be the gun running operation that has yet to be pursued to fruition, imv. (ref. Bill Kelly’s work on the Venezuela operation for instance).

    King and Berle’s dilemma, Freeport Sulphur’s investments, draws them into a particularly fascinating concentric circle, that of New Orleans where Monroe & Lemann law firm were of counsel to the Whitney banking interests tying them directly to Freeport..

    And full circle to the State Department’s Adolf Berle: “Berle and Hoover’s collaboration reversed years of dysfunction between the FBI and State over intelligence.”

    ‘This work explores the largely unexamined bond between policymakers at the FBI and the Department of State that acted as the foundation for the SIS’s impressive accomplishments. Central to this spirit of interdepartmental cooperation was the cordial relationship between FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and Assistant Secretary of State Adolf A. Berle, the wartime intelligence liaison at the Department of State. Through patience and mutual conciliation, these two bureaucratic heavyweights ensured the effectiveness of US intelligence and counterintelligence efforts in Latin America.’

  11. I think any JFK records remaining in FBI repositories should be made public. My reasoning is that the FBI hijacked the case from local authorities in Dallas. It was not a federal crime to assassinate the POTUS in 1963. My opinion is that J’edgar Hoover was implicit in the cover-up and had advanced knowledge of the pending assassination through extensive FBI wire-tapping capabilities. Any remaining files concerning Mexico City chicanery surrounding Oswald’s faked Russian/Cuban embassy visits need to be released. Apparently, the “eye-washing” technique was used to send false information to various intelligence agencies, while Win Scott and others sent factual information cables to one another at CIA Headquarters/CI-SIG.
    Files on Operation 40, David Atlee Phillips, David Morales, Bill Harvey, Guy Bannister, DRE and George Johannides, all need to be released and scrutinized. Apparently, several operations involving these people overlapped/intersected with the JFK assassination (i.e. Assassination of Foreign Leaders, Oswald in New Orleans, Mercenaries at No Name Keys and Lake Pontchartrain, and DRE post assassination propaganda about Oswald).
    While this is not an exhaustive list, I think that research has shown us these are fertile files that may yet yield abundant and insightful fruits. It is doubtful that any direct connection to President Kennedy’s murder will surface from these files. Searching for the truth in a house of mirrors, lies, deceit, treachery, and villainy is circuitous, painstaking, and daunting, but we must continue on in earnest.
    “Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.
    -John F. Kennedy

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