Denied: the JFK records the government doesn’t want you to see

The invaluable WhoWhatWhy has posted a spreadsheet of the 3,600-plus assassination-related records that the U.S. government has never made public.

The existence of the 3,600 records was first reported in JFK Facts last May. The WhoWhatWhy document, obtained by FOIA specialist Michael Ravnitzky, advances the story by providing new details about what exactly the government does not care to share with the American people. 

I’ve already called attention to seven 7 key files that the CIA is hiding,

The National Archives staff, led by Martha Murphy Wagner, says that it is now preparing to release all of these documents online by October 2017.

This list identifies many more documents relevant to the question, “Who killed JFK?” and still more of historical interest. Some that jumped out at me on first reading:

  • The HSCA testimony of Orest Pena, New Orleans bar owner and FBI informant who said he saw FBI agent Warren DeBrueys with accused assassin Lee Oswald in the summer of 1963.
  • A CIA file on J. Walton Moore, CIA representative in Dallas n 1963.
  • Five letters from President Lyndon Johnson to First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
  • Minutes of a high-level meeting of JFK aides in August 1962 where the assassination of Fidel Castro was discussed.
  • A communication between the State Department and CIA station chief Win Scott on November 22, 1963.

Take look and send me your list of the five JFK documents you think should be made public.

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