In defiance of the law, Trump delays release of JFK files

In defiance of the law, President Donald Trump is delaying the release of hundreds, if not thousands of files on the John Kennedy assassination that were due to come out Thursday. He also approved 2,800 other records for release.

In a conference call with reporters, White House officials insisting on anonymiity said Trump will state in a coming memo that he had “no choice” but to keep thousands of pages of JFK records secret because of “national security” concerns.

Officials say Trump will impress upon federal agencies that JFK files should stay secret after the six-month review “only in the rarest cases.”

1 thought on “In defiance of the law, Trump delays release of JFK files”

  1. By allowing the CIA and FBI to selectively release only 10% of the withheld documents those agencies are given the power to play a further game of coverup,
    IE, selecting what is released for the ‘Spin’ it will no doubt be given by the mainstream news media–and avoiding the really incriminating stuff

    We have been constant seeing hints of this for the past several months

    The ‘spin’ will be the well discredited ‘Maybe the Russians or the Cubans Did It’,
    when in fact the records already released show that JFK was in the process of moving towards detent with Russia and mending relations with Castro.

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