8 thoughts on “Should JFK records stay secret after 2017?”

  1. Snowden and whistleblowers aside, and not to diminish the personal courage of any of them or the information they exposed, how have those focused on the Kennedy assassination been lulled into even considering there might be a rational/legal argument for withholding documents that ‘belong to us’ when any threat to US security related to the assassination in Dallas has long since passed ……….. unless it hasn’t. Isn’t that at issue? Something happened in Dallas, 11.22.63 to threaten our security and the related records continue to be classified because of the brevity of that act. Yet our government continues to insist a lone assassin was responsible, no conspiracy.

  2. Should JFK records stay secret after 2017?

    “If the United States could survive the release of the Snowden documents, it can withstand the release of the JFK assassination records.”

    No but …

    Nothing “our” government records/stores in secret will ever be severe enough to anger the public into consciousness to finally make such a government obsolete and restore power to the individual level, which is what 1776 should have been about that 1789 made impossible in near perpetuity; it is the private interests of globalist collectivists who have the real records that would show what a sham “our” government really is; “our” government’s top secret records are meant for public discovery without punishment or effect to the societal rapists responsible for what they portend to reveal, even if their release is staggered by temporary edicts and mountains of regenerative red tape which some are valiantly but futilely fighting to cut through.

    On the “unprovoked public revelation” angle, Snowden is a sheep-dipped asset whose sheep-dipping takes on some of the same elements of LHO, the 9/11 “19” who never boarded the planes they are claimed to have boarded, Erdogan, Obama, etc. Snowden STILL serves the controlling parallel structure behind the Contrivance Invasion Axis.



    “the real war is to ensure disclosure without any effect or punishment”

    Disclosure is too limited of a concern – I observe accomplishing it being a throttled perception of being free, such that those believe this democracy = being free. This democracy = government, nothing more. Socialism = government, nothing more. Communism = government, nothing more. Government = monopoly (on violence, edu-indoctrination, militarization, legislation, eugenics, central economic planning, etc). There are no free markets or associations.

    Effect should be the goal of any disclosure, with punishment being carried out with absolute effect if warranted. The parallel structure’s central planners, academia protectorate and media asset partners are selling us out on the path to totalitarianism and all we are doing is filing FOIA’s and sitting back expecting pursuits of disclosure to free us. We need more than disclosure. We need and we deserve effect. Pursuing disclosure from “our” government is pursuing a limited hangout.

  3. You are right Ramon, the impact of the “Community” not withstanding the efforts of Jeff, Mr. Lesar and others is disturbing. What can be done about this? Meet me in Dallas in Dealy Plaza on 10/26/16 and 11/22/16 to discuss this subject and bring light to it.

    1. I’ll be on the Grassy Knoll by the fence where Robert Groden is. Or maybe over by Zapruder’s spot if it’s crowded.

    2. Ramon F Herrera

      “Meet me in Dallas in Dealey Plaza”

      Well, the good news is that this year it will *probably* be possible. I live in Houston so the distance is not an issue. The problem is that I am practically physically chained to my work.

      Last year, Marie Fonzi and Larry Hancock invited me. You have no idea how painful it was to say no.

      1. Actually, 10/26 is a Wednesday and 11/22 is a Tuesday.
        I work too. Maybe the weekend before or after for at least one of them.

  4. Ramon F Herrera

    I am worried that Jeremy Gunn and Martha Murphy (who had/has full clearance to see everything) tell us that there is nothing there.


    No smoking gun. Nothing to see here. Keep on moving.

    Even more worrisome is that the JFK community is not even close to having a “Plan B”.

    All I see is the obedient doggie, begging for scraps, instead of helping ourselves to what is ours.

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