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Willy Whitten – March 8

Intrigue, complex and convoluted charades; these are the constructs of covert operations.

There are certain things that cannot be proven, other than accepting the word of a participant in the affair. Prouty was the contact officer that would procure military equipment from the services to make such available to CIA.

That was one of his main jobs as liaison officer between CIA and the services.

McAdams tells us that the ARRB “looked into” these claims, and like all of the “official investigations” dismissed them.

Who am I presenting to? I suppose those with the imagination to grasp the hard realities of this world; in which the some real facts can never be known because they have been successfully concealed, destroyed, or lost by murdering the only witnesses to them.

What is a “military ship”? The real answer is ANY ship the military owns or controls. It doesn’t necessarily mean a ship built by or for the military.

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