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Tom Scully – January 11

Let’s see if I have this right, Ed Butler is in Hale Bogg’s office in the capitol playing the Oswald radio debate tape before AF-1 unloads JFK’s Dallas casket. See:
Ultimate Insider, Ultimate Outsider
By Joseph Finder;
Published: April 12, 1992
McCloy, always keenly aware of being an outsider, was fond of relating an incident from his youth that came to attain an almost totemic resonance. As a college student, prompted by his mother, he walked up to the door of the Rockefeller mansion at Seal Harbor, Me., and asked for a job; the butler slammed the door in his face. Soon after, McCloy somehow managed to secure a position teaching sailing to the Rockefeller children, including Nelson and David, both of whom were later central to his career. ,,,,

Bill Macomber was former chief of staff of Yale bonesman John Sherman Cooper, and Cooper had been married to a DeMohrenschildt relative.
Macomber is Tom Devine’s best man in 1973. Macomber lived in a smallish house (link: ) near Andover with DeM’s step-nephew and oil explo partner,
Hooker. see:
Devine and his best friend, Dryer, Jr. from Rochester, hold separate meetings with DeMohrenschildt and Charles on 25 April, 1963.
Devine is representing CIA and Joe Dryer, Jr. admits he had knowledge from a CIA contact that the secretary traveling with Charles in the U.S. was reporting to CIA.
Devine lived at the Sigma Chi frat house at M.I.T. from fall, 1944 with Garry Coit and 16 other frat mates. Coit was Priscilla Johnson’s CIA contact.

Lorraine Cooper, Wife of Senator, Dies – latimes
Feb 7, 1985 – John Sherman Cooper of Kentucky and a prominent Washington hostess, has … She was first married to Robert McAdoo, son of William Gibbs …

Days before 22 November, 1963, Sen. McClellan is grilling Gilpatric (and his law partner, Maurice Moore, spouse of Luce’s sister and former Time-Life publisher) about his conflicts of interest related to the award of the TFX contract to General Dynamics. Link:,1090550&hl=en

Ros and his brother Chad were Rockefeller friends since childhood summers near Bar Harbor, ME
Chadbourne Gilpatric, (Rockefeller) Foundation Aide, 74
Published: February 3, 1989 ….

Earl Warren “suggests” Albert Jenner for appointment as senior assistant WC counsel, describing Jenner as a “corporate” lawyer.:

Gerald Ford secretly reported Jenner’s name to FBI’s Cartha DeLoach. See:

Earl Warren was a close friend of Jenner, Gilpatric, General Dynamics intertwined, Conrad Hilton, and there was speculation in 1957 about Virginia Warren marrying Hilton.
After Marina’s first WC testimony, she soon aligned herself with Declan Ford, brother of Gov. Warren appointed Judge, John Ford, and of Joseph Ford, former agent of
a small alien property recovery agency spearheaded by Joseph Carroll, Hoover’s former asst. and founding DIA chief, and FBI’s Leo Laughlin.

Isaac Don Levine, book agent of the memoirs of George Bouhe’s mother, see:
used Joseph Ford in an attempt to sign Marina to a book deal.:

Haven’t even mentioned Allen Dulles.

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