Coming Soon Oliver Stone’s JFK Documentary, ‘Destiny Betrayed’ 

Oliver Stone
Oliver Stone on the set of ‘JFK’

From Variety

 AGC Television, the TV production-distribution division of Stuart Ford’s still fast expanding independent content studio AGC Studios, has landed worldwide rights to another high-profile doc-series which it describes as “probing” and “explosive”: Oliver Stone’s “JFK: Destiny Betrayed.”

The AGC press release says:

“Stone will put Kennedy’s assassination in context politically, and present interviews, documents, and forensics reports that will change forever how Kennedy’s life, political career, and assassination will be considered.”

Those interviewed in the series include John Tunheim, chairman of the Assassination Records Review Board, criminologist Henry Lee, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., James Galbraith, and Salon founder David Talbot.

“It’s not an exaggeration to state that this series features the most distinguished collection of talent and knowledge on the JFK case ever assembled,” said the AGC Television press release.

No information on when or where the show might air.

Source: AGC TV Picks Up Worldwide on Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK: Destiny Betrayed’ – Variety


  1. Adam Levine says:

    I saw that Rob Reiner was making a documentary on the JFK assassination but haven’t seen any follow up. Wondering if this will also happen ?

  2. Tom Bason says:

    This post and the next one are not showing up at the top of your Home list.

    I only got to view these two posts by clicking on “Search”
    top right without any value in the search box.

    It sounds like your storage cache is messed up. Turn it off or clear it.

  3. Jon Goulter says:

    i have heard a powerful texan lawyer talk about the LBJ/E. Aubrey Clarke papers in his building in AUSTIN, however i believe the only person allowed to subpoena them is the President or maybe his Attorney General as these papers i believe would be significant for American justice & this Big Event that occurred not that long ago!

  4. Alex says:

    This looks amazing. I can’t wait.

    I assume Stone will include Jeff Morley in the doc?

  5. Gerry Simone says:

    We need a like button here Jeff. Great post. Saw this on Twitter too.

  6. Ron Bulman says:

    I guess everyone already knows Destiny Betrayed is a book written in 1992 by Jim DiEugenio. Updated/basically re-written 2nd edition in 2013. Originally about the Garrison investigation, the second edition and the coming film cover much more than that. Jim is working with Stone on this project.

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