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  1. “Information by itself is meaningless. A pile of facts is just raw material. It’s not a piece of work until you carve it into something. Otherwise it’s just a piece of wood that you might toss into the fire. Until you’ve done something with it, until you’ve worked it, it hasn’t done anything. And words are like that. What good are words until you’ve put them together in some understandable fashion so that you can communicate an idea? The words themselves are nothing. It’s only when you string them together in an interesting way that something happens.”~~John Hadden — ‘Lessons From My Father’

      1. Willy Whitten
        February 16, 2016 at 2:36 pm

        “Who is Nuffield, and why do you believe him Photon?”

        I believe there is ample accounts from people working on Operation Mongoose that Bobby “micromanaged” (and I’m being kind here) the project Mongoose and that he particularly irritated Bill Harvey.

        A lot of weight here goes to knowing Bobby instead of depending on Mr. Nuffield. This is one reason I would believe Nuffield.

        “Ted Sorensen remembered him (Bobby) as “militant, aggressive, intolerant, opinionated, and somewhat shallow in his convictions…..more like his father than his brother.” “Camelot’s Court; Inside the Kennedy White House”, page 44. For someone as devoted to the Kennedy family as Sorensen was this description of Bobby must have been painful of him.

        1. Typo error-Spellcheck?
          Was supposed to be ” ’nuff said”- in reference to the author’s father’s statement-which was quoted.

          1. Mr Photon, or Ms. Photon,

            I checked with the “Borg”, and Cross referenced with” The Matrix”, and it appears, your Spell Check Feature has become Sentient, and may be trying to entertain you. If you use an iPhone there are Parameter and attribute feature settings to customize your spell check, perhaps you should locate that Parameter option, review i, to refine and optimize your Attribute feature settings.

            I would always recommend to any commenter to use a device with an actual keyboard with Mechanical Keys, for Clarity, and to always review your comments/ Granted some nerds will point out that the frequency of Keyboards transmission broadcasts for around 100 meters, to reach the bus that connects to the processor using Virtual memory from your hard drive for better performance. Most people do not know the frequency of each keyboard and detachable boards may broadcast farther.


            Willy Bova

    1. http://www.amazon.com/Thwarting-Enemies-Home-Abroad-Counterintelligence/dp/1589012550/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1455649741&sr=8-1&keywords=THWARTING+ENEMIES+AT+HOME+AND+ABROAD

      \ Before the reprint was issued, copies were listed for well over $100. This is an interesting unclassified overlook at counterintelligence tradecraft as practiced in the first three decades after WW II. Note that Amazon allows a limited search of the text. Author attended Yale with Angleton. The forward is by William Hood.


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