Biden pardons Abraham Bolden, the only Secret Service agent who sought JFK accountability

The good news is that President Biden has pardoned Abraham Bolden, the first African-American Secret Service agent, who was falsely convicted on bribery charges in the 1960s.

Abe Bolden
Abe Bolden, persecuted for doing his job and pardoned by President Biden.

The bad news is that initial reports emphasize Bolden was persecuted for the color of his skin, which is true enough but not the whole story.

Bolden was silenced because he raised questions about the causes of JFK’s assassination. For doing his job, he was targeted, defamed, and railroaded.

After Kennedy’s assassination on November 22, Bolden said lax procedures and heavy drinking in JFK’s detail may have contributed to the breakdown of security in Dallas. He also called attention to a possible plot against Kennedy in Chicago in early November 1963. 

From British historian John Simkin:

Bolden claimed that in October, 1963, the Chicago Secret Service office received a teletype from the Federal Bureau of Investigation warning that an attempt would be made to kill President John F. Kennedy by a four-man Cuban hit squad when he visited the city on 2nd November. Armed with high-powered rifles, the men from “a dissident Cuban group”. According to investigative journalist Edwin Black, the Secret Service arrested two suspects, however, they were eventually released.

Abraham Bolden later discovered that this information was being kept from the Warren Commission. When he complained about this he was warned “to keep his mouth shut”. Bolden decided to travel to Washington where he telephoned Warren Commission Counsel J. Lee Rankin.

That’s when Bolden was arrested and charged with discussing a bribe with two known counterfeiters. He was convicted on the testimony of a witness who later recanted and spent close to four years in prison.

In fact, the Secret Service and J. Edgar Hoover, the racist FBI director, wanted to blame JFK’s death entirely on Lee Harvey Oswald–the accused assassin who was conveniently dead–and absolve their agents of any responsibility for Kennedy’s violent death.  In the end, only one Secret Service agent lost his job after Kennedy’s murder, the only one who served the martyred president faithfully: Abe Bolden.

Bolden chronicled his journey from a ‘first’ to a ‘disgraced’ Secret Service agent in his 2008 memoir ‘The Echo from Dealey Plaza.’”

Nonetheless, ABC News is reporting the story without reference to JFK’s assassination.

Following his conviction in a second trial, key witnesses admitted lying at the prosecutor’s request. Bolden, of Chicago, was denied a retrial and served several years in federal prison. Bolden has maintained his innocence and wrote a book in which he argued he was targeted for speaking out against racist and unprofessional behavior in the Secret Service.

Source: Biden pardons former Secret Service agent and 2 others – ABC News

The bad faith of the Secret Service was exposed in 1995 when the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) was seeking documents about the events of 1963. The Secret Service informed the ARRB that it had just destroyed “presidential protection survey reports for some of President Kennedy’s trips in the fall of 1963.” Those records might have given credence to Bolden’s allegations. Instead they were shredded.

Major U.S. news organizations often tip-toe around inconvenient facts of the JFK story that call into question the official theory of a “lone gunman.” The full story of Bolden’s overdue pardon is one such story.


13 thoughts on “Biden pardons Abraham Bolden, the only Secret Service agent who sought JFK accountability”

  1. One was Homer Echeverria, whom, if memory serves, was pushed out of a plane over the Caribbean per a CIA document that a woman researcher whose name I cannot recall found decades ago. It might be a different guy – but the name seems in my memory to be identical. The other participant identified, who might well have been the designated patsy, was Thomas Arthur Vallee. Search “Edwin Black” and Bolden to read his original investigation – fascinating info.

  2. it’s all to part of regime changes to be blamed on 11/1 of Diem, (VieT CIA Drugs protected FBN DEA military assets immunity con killers falsely under JFK order) the french assassins as so many back , with Permadex Bill Harvey in Dealy’s delusion with CI/Gen Lansdale + Mongoose +==—=is real

  3. The narrow line between being a hero and a zero is awfully fine when you have the
    secret service the CIA and major media looking to shut you up!

  4. Not all major US news organizations have ignored the indelible JFK assassination connection to the bogus bribery charges brought against my friend, former Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden. See, for example, the following story from an ABC affiliate in Chicago: And note, in particular, the video entitled “Ex-Secret Service agent Abraham Bolden claims misconduct in JFK era,” which covers the attempt in Chicago on JFK’s life.

    I and others who have worked for many years on Mr. Bolden’s behalf to obtain his pardon are proud of his exceptional accomplishment. When I met with my Godfather Vincent Salandria many years before his death on August 23, 2020, Vince told me that all my work to obtain Mr. Bolden’s pardon was unlikely to be successful because it would be tantamount to an admission that the government lied about Mr. Bolden to cover up its involvement in JFK’s assassination. (Vince and my late Uncle Harold Feldman were among the earliest investigators into the JFK assassination.) This was one case where I was happy to ultimately prove Vince to be wrong.

    1. Thank you so much for all your work to free this man from the unfair stigma of having been incarcerated for a crime he didn’t commit. I hope you might turn an eye next to Sirhan Sirhan, who is also in jail for a crime he provably did not commit!

      1. James Feldman

        Lisa, the primary problem with freeing Sirhan from prison for the crime he didn’t commit, is that the majority of RFK’s own surviving family members refuse to acknowledge the evidence establishing that Sirhan didn’t kill RFK. The California Board of Parole recently recommended that Sirhan be released after reviewing his record and listening to statements by RFK’s sons Robert Kennedy, Jr. and Douglas, who supported Sirhan’s parole because they were convinced that Sirhan didn’t kill their father. But seven members of RFK’s family—Ethel, Joseph P. Kennedy II, Courtney, Mary Kerry, Rory, Max, and Christopher—continue to oppose the parole, going along with the official false narrative. And RFK’s daughter Kathleen Kennedy Townsend remains on the fence. With the majority of “mainstream” RFK family members opposing Sirhan’s parole and “oddball” RFK, Jr. (as painted by the mainstream media) favoring his parole, California Governor Gavin Newsom was in an easy political position to deny Sirhan’s parole. Until all of the surviving members of RFK’s family have the courage to join together and to publicly support the truth behind their father’s murder and to condemn the cover-up, the Governor will continue to take the safer position of denying parole.

  5. Does anybody know the names of the four Cubans who planned on killing Kennedy in Chicago? If any of them were in Dallas three weeks later, it would be significant.

  6. I believe Bolden’s story about the possible attempt on JFK on 11/02/63. The other, about the bribery charge, I’m uncertain. The appellate court decision noted that the perjury was not germane to the issue at trial. And I’ve never read any description of how a set-up of him would have taken place. People have just assumed that it happened.

    1. James Feldman

      I was part of Abraham Bolden’s team seeking his Presidential Pardon and assisted in preparing his petition and in providing the Department of Justice with analyses of Mr. Bolden’s case. I’ve been working on his case for more than a decade. If you are genuinely interested in learning about the case and how Mr. Bolden was set up by Secret Service agent Maurice G. “Marty” Martineau and other agents subject to his control, using the false testimony of Joseph Spagnoli and Frank Jones, two criminals that Mr. Bolden was seeking to put behind bars, I’d suggest you start with Mr. Bolden’s own book, “The Echo from Dealey Plaza.”

      As for the Seventh Circuit’s bogus decision to uphold Mr. Bodlen’s conviction from his second trial, I’ll use the court’s own words interspersed with my comments:

      “Several Secret Service agents corroborated the testimony of both Spagnoli and Jones.” [Secret Service agent (and Mr. Bolden’s supervisor) Martineau lied under oath, and presiding Judge Sam Perry blocked any testimony that could impeach Martineau. Perry castigated defense attorney George C. Howard, Jr. in front of the jury whenever Mr. Howard attempted to do so.] Other witnesses, including Jones’ wife, also supported this testimony. [US Attorney Hanrahan had a deal with criminal Frank Jones that if he gave the false testimony the prosecution wanted, Jones would be set free. Jones’ wife surely knew of that deal.] The physical evidence included Jones’ fingerprints, taken from a gin bottle in Spagnoli’s apartment, the typed excerpt from the counterfeit savings bond file, and a fishing guide with Spagnoli’s address on it, taken from the defendant’s automobile. [None of this “physical evidence” proves that Mr. Bolden attempted to extract money from Jones or anyone else. All that purported “evidence” proved was that criminal Jones was in criminal Spagnoli’s apartment, that a typed excerpt from a counterfeit savings bond file existed, and that Mr. Bolden wrote down Spagnoli’s address on a fishing guide at a time when Mr. Bolden was investigating Spagnoli for criminal activity.]”

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