Behind the JFK cover story, Oswald under CIA surveillance for 4 years

I talk JFK Facts with Bob McKeown of the CBC’s “Fifth Estate.”

5 thoughts on “Behind the JFK cover story, Oswald under CIA surveillance for 4 years”

  1. As a Canadian, I find that the 5th Estate treads lightly but firmly because it is not dependant on sponsors for content. It is kind of like Frontline, without the liberal slant. They, however, rarely pursue topics beyond the over-view stage. Still, better than the pap we usually get fed…

  2. The contrast between this program and the efforts of the US mainstream media on the topic could not be more stark. The Fifth Estate has been running for decades, the CBC’s flagship investigative news and analysis program. Not sure if streaming is available in the USA, but I would recommend anyone to try and track it down – particularly as an antidote/reference to how biased and unprofessional the US mainstream media truly is. This program is how sober objective journalists should or could approach the case, in contrast to the curt dismissals and immediate negative labelling of anyone who strays from the official myth.

    This program also revisits its program on the topic which aired in 1983, which apparently remains the single most-watched episode in the history of the program. You are right, Jeff – this story holds tremendous interest with the public at large, and always has.

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