Available today: ‘CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files’

CIA & JFKWhat did the CIA know about Lee Harvey Oswald? And when did they know it?

With the publication today of CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, those questions can now be answered. Candid interviews  with retired CIA personnel and deep research into the the classified records illuminate  the untold story of the JFK and the clandestine service.

CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files



13 thoughts on “Available today: ‘CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files’”

  1. From Chapter 5

    “In a feat of espionage never acknowledged by the CIA, George Joannides had used the death of JFK to wage psychological warfare on Fidel Castro’s government, seeking to exploit his violent death for psychological-warfare purposes. He deployed the AMSPELL network and the agency’s informants to help ensure the dissemination of a story that many Americans still believe a half-century later: that JFK was killed by a supporter of Fidel Castro”.
    Jefferson Morley, CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files

    Fascinating read!

    It was disturbing to read what is known at this point based on facts about CIA involvement with LHO before the Assassination.

  2. The fourth paragraph of the final chapter as published on Lewrockwell.com appears to need editing. I have retread it several times. It makes no sense as written. But then I have been wrong before.

  3. Anthony Martin

    Good reviewe. Concise review of who might have some files of interest with the CIA and a good argument why those files shouild be released. After reading, my take: a) That information regarding Lee Harvey Oswald & CIA operations that might have contribuited to a better understanding of the JFK assasination was withheld or destroyed by Individuals in the CIA, b) Given a) above, the findings of the Warren Commision are impugned, and the solution to the JFK assassination remains unresolved as to whether the event was the result of a solitary individual, a domestic conspiracy, or a foreign conspiracy, c) That it is inexcusable and perhaps criminal for an agencies of the government not to contribuite to a true accounting of this tragedy, and d) the overiding issue regarding a study of this history is to ask: Do we have an ‘open government’ in the USA, and if we don’t, what kind of government do we have, and, ultimately, what kind of goivernment should we have,

  4. Finished the e-book. Can’t imagine a more precise take down of the CIA’s decades-long subterfuge surrounding the assassination. From all the documented evidence assembled, it’s impossible to imagine that it was anything else but an operation run by Helms and Angleton.

    Like Jeff says, it’s now up to the American people to fight for the document release next year or let this assault on our democracy stand. I’ve posted the Amazon link to the book to my social media and will continue to until October 2017.

  5. Also keep thinking that the hare tried to hop away from Dealey but the Joannides revelations caught its leg in a snare…

  6. And I know I keep coming back to it, but it just boggles my mind that an anti-Castro outfit coin-operated by the CIA distributed a release about the “lone nut” assassin 3 months BEFORE the assassination.

    That just smacks of operation overreach to me.

  7. Pre-ordered the book and read the first couple of chapters last night. Already learned something I didn’t know – that Joannides was part of the SAS, the same anti-Cuba task force in the CIA that Jane Roman said was behind the false memo about Oswald to MC station. The group behind the “keen interest” comment. Jeff does a great job of tying that memo with Joannides DRE anti-FPCC propaganda campaign.

    Man, this gets interestinger and interestinger.

  8. I just bought a Kindle copy of the book.

    I just checked my Kindle, and it is already in my library!!

    Thanks Jeff!!

    A snippet quote from the forward:

    “In the months leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Joannides had secretly served as a CIA conduit for an anti-Castro group known as the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil, or the DRE, which was being secretly funded by the CIA. Immediately after the assassination, Joannides secretly authorized the group to initiate a publicity campaign advertising Lee Harvey Oswald’s connections to Communism, Cuba, and the Soviet Union…”
    . . . .
    Morley, Jefferson. CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files (Kindle Locations 30-33). The Future of Freedom Foundatiokn. Kindle Edition.


  9. If you click on the Lew Rockwell link in the “The last secret assassination files” posting, you’ll find a link to the book (on Amazon.) For the record, I hate Amazon. I wish their was a non-Amazon option.

    1. does not recognize internet address starting with “ttps:”

      Good late morning, Mark. Can you type an “h” at the left side of the URL and highlight the amended URL in your browser address box, and press”enter”? Just a possibly helpful guess….

  10. From CIA & JFK, Chapter 2: My Interview with Jane Roman,

    “…since she had never been interviewed by any assassination investigator, or by any TV network, or by any author or journalist in the 31 years since Kennedy was killed, I thought what Jane Roman had to say might be newsworthy.”

    It was.

    Must read.

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