For Australians only: the JFK connection

One place where the peculiar similarities of Australia and the United States converge is interest in JFK assassination story. 

CIA & JFKIn my years of writing  on the subject of JFK I have always heard from Australians. When an Australian cop retailed the “Secret Service Man Did it” hoax, I spoke for an hour on Australian radio. Last time I went to Dealey Plaza, I overheard Australian accents.  Some of the best students in my history of the CIA class come from University of Sydney and University of Western Australia.

So, its no surprise that the country with the most JFK Facts viewers, after the U.S. and Canada, is ….. Australia.

So I’m hoping all my friends Down Under will pre-order my new ebook, to be published on June 10: CIA & JFK: The Last Assassination Files.


  1. George says:

    Jefferson, I’d be happy to review it for you if you can organize a free download.

  2. Vanessa says:


    Respectfully, it seems a bit unfair that while we are allowed to buy your book we are no longer allowed to comment on here.

    Tom hasn’t even moved our recent comments to the naughty corner thread where the ‘reasonableness’ of them can be voted on.

  3. opinionator says:

    Even as a child I can clearly remember the controversies around both Kennedy assassinations, with hour-long documentaries even in those early days challenging the Warren commission assumptions. Australia was massively pro-America in the 1960’s, and massively pro-Johnson. We were tied at the navel with your country over Vietnam, with both countries willing to inflict massive casualties in a foreign country, in the cause of freedom.

  4. George says:

    “in the cause of freedom.”

    This is a very good place to bring the subject up since JFKFacts is very concerned about the future of freedom.

    The root cause of this concern is that the right to be enslaved by mass consumerism may one day be abridged, and with it will go the concurrent rights of the individual to choose which fashion clothing and which smart phone to buy from companies using labor in third world countries paying fourth world wages and the right of the corporations to screw the planet producing all of this product.

    But never fear, Jefferson will keep the plebs at bay by handing out food stamps – a fact that has his freedom warrior friends unfortunately questioning his loyalties.

    My offer to review the ebook remains open Jefferson.

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