The Assassination & Mrs. Paine 


Here’s why: As the CIA’s James Angleton monitored the movements of the ex-defector Lee Oswald in the fall of 1963, Oswald came in contact with the Paines, a family familiar with the CIA milieu.

We’ve interviewed great characters on both sides of the conspiracy debate, including: Ruth & Michael Paine, Vince Salandria, Gary Aguilar, Max Holland, Jim DiEugenio, Priscilla Johnson McMillan, Sue Wheaton, Bill Simpich, E. Martin Schotz, and others.

I’m looking forward to seeing this film.

3 thoughts on “The Assassination & Mrs. Paine ”

  1. Justin Kaczoroski

    Ive always had my suspicions about the Paine’s and there true intentions when they befriended the Oswalds? Was it on agency orders to monitor them or was it just a simple and harmless friendship. Something does not add up with this relationship, especially after looking into the Paine’s background and its connection to the cia and bell helicopter.

    There was also testimony from one of Micheal Paine’s Co-Workers at bell helicopter, Where they revealed a phonecall from Micheal to his ‘separated’ wife Ruth upon learning of the assassination. Michael was accused of telling Ruth that he thinks Lee was involved but they both know who’s responsible.
    Also i cannot remember where i heard or read this, So im going on a limb here, But i believe that the first time lee Oswald’s name was brought to the police’s attention it came by a tip from Michael Paines workplace? I do know alot of incriminating evidence came from the Paine’s household..So the Paines have always caught my attention and suspicions

  2. when is Max Good’s movie finally going to be released?
    Michael Paine died March 1, 2018, and Ruth is now 87 years old.

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