‘An Outrage Against Democracy’: JFK’s Nephews Urge Biden to Reveal Assassination Records

POLITICO talks to the Kennedy family.

“It’s an outrage. It’s an outrage against American democracy. We’re not supposed to have secret governments within the government,” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told POLITICO. “How the hell is it 58 years later, and what in the world could justify not releasing these documents?”

His cousin, former Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy, said the records should be released not because of his family, but because American citizens have a right to know about “something that left such a scar in this nation’s soul that lost not only a president but a promise of a brighter future.”

“I think for the good of the country, everything has to be put out there so there’s greater understanding of our history,” Patrick Kennedy said.

Source: ‘An outrage against democracy’: JFK’s nephews urge Biden to reveal assassination records – POLITICO

3 thoughts on “‘An Outrage Against Democracy’: JFK’s Nephews Urge Biden to Reveal Assassination Records”

  1. A different approach needs to taken on the Records to be released now that a review of all records is taking place. An effort to force Records to be released at time of review, basically daily releases as progress is made rather than wait for 2 arbitrary dates. A release in progress would assure a public accounting of the task at hand and prevent further delays. Release Records immediately upon approval is an achievable goal, that would be very difficult for the Viden Administration to oppose.

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