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  1. On page 283 of Dale Myers book “With Malice”he states that a fiber link from an FBI lab report (foornote 776) provides the strongest evidence that the recovered discarded jacket bearing a dry-cleaning mark had been worn by Oswald. However, it seems a bit disingenuous to make this statement since the footnote reveals that the fiber link was not unique and did not exclude all other sources. If this was the “strongest evidence” then the case for the jacket being Oswald’s was actually very weak and inconclusive. Has there been any further investigation regarding the source of the dry cleaning mark to establish when and were the jacket was laundered?

    1. Joe,
      Oswald’s landlady and witnesses at the Tippit scene said that Oswald was wearing a jacket when they saw him, but he had no jacket when he got to the Texas Theater. The jacket was found along the path he took between those two sites according to witnesses. That, and the fact that Marina ID-ed the jacket as Oswald’s is better evidence than the fibers, in my opinion.

      The FBI found no dry cleaner matching the tag in New Orleans or Dallas, but that fits with Marina’s testimony that she always washed the jacket ever since he brought it with him to Russia. The jacket’s label names a California company, suggesting that Oswald bought it and had it dry-cleaned when he was stationed in that state before his defection. The FBI apparently didn’t check dry cleaners there.
      Photo of jacket:

  2. After reviewing the Zapruder film, it appears that at frames 345-348 (just after head shot), a man is filming the motorcade (you can see the camera in front of him). Was this man ever identified and was the film ever seen? He had a good vantage point.

    1. That is Associated Press photographer Ike Altgens, who took well-known photographs during the assassination.

  3. Corine Sutherland

    I have done some research, and if you look at the play “12 Angry Men,” and Oswald’s situation, you will find several identical match-ups between the play’s story line and Oswald’s activities that support a conspiracy. For example:
    In “12 Angry Men,” the youth on trial is seen through a window across the street killing someone, he later goes home to retrieve the weapon, and he goes to the movie theater. Lee Harvey Oswald was reportedly seen through a window across the street, he goes home to retrieve a weapon, and goes to the movie theater. There is also discussion about a train in the play, and there were railroad tracks behind Dealy Plaza. I have found a total of 30 match-ups that point to the conclusion that Oswald was involved, but not the assassin. My name is Corine Sutherland.

  4. David Dokmanovich

    Don’t know what’s reported in the Warren commission report but my friends father in law who was a lead engineer for Ford motor company in the 50-70’s was the lead of the repair team refurbishing the presidential limousine after the Kennedy assassination. The team during vehicle disassembly found a spent rifle bullet, not a bullet casing, lodged in the vehicles structure. The team contacted the Warren Commission and they immediately sent a couple of people to pick up the package of evidence. They were all directed never to discuss the information. His father in law always was curious about whether the info was releases to the public or not. They followed those instructions till I think the 80’s when he openly shared the info with his family. Don’t know what changed his attitude at that point. He assumed it was public information by that time. The engineer past away a few years back. For all we know the damaged bullet may have been one of the two known rounds already reported. Saw the authors name on the History channel program I’m currently watching and never knew they were curious about a missing bullet. Hope it’s helpful info and not a waste of anyone’s time.

    Sent from my iPhone
    David Dokmanovich

    1. Charles Primerano

      As I recall, the Warren Report mentions bullet fragments being retrieved from the Presidential limousine by the FBI after the assassination, however there is no mention of an entire spent bullet being retrieved. The Warren Report accounts for only three shots fired: 1) Hitting both President Kennedy and Governor Connally and found nearly intact at Parkland Hospital; 2) Missing the limousine but ricocheting off a curb and striking James Tague; 3) Striking President Kennedy in the head.

      I do not recall any published account attributed to anyone at Ford regarding what they witnessed when refurbishing the limousine. There has been a great deal of skepticism as to why the limousine was not preserved as evidence until it could be thoroughly examined and the investigation was completed. Instead it was almost immediately sent to Ford for refurbishment. Meanwhile items of the least significance were preserved and remain unmolested in the National Archives today.

      There is speculation, based on photographs of the car taken immediately after the assassination, that shots were fired at the car that are not consistent with the three described in the Warren Report. This would include a bullet hole in the windshield, as well as a bullet-sized dent on the chrome trim above the passenger side of the windshield. The Ford engineer you mention may have seen a retrieved bullet that caused one of those points of damage to the car, it could have been imbedded somewhere else. One thing is certain, it did not come from one of the three shots the Warren Commission said was fired at the motorcade. What the engineer and his team saw was an additional bullet.

      Many individuals, both private and in public service, were told or even ordered in 1963 and 1964 to keep what they witnessed about the assassination a secret. At the time, national security was often invoked. One major example was the staff at Bethesda Naval Hospital involved with the autopsy of President Kennedy. However, any such orders or requests were lifted during the late 1970s for the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigation. As scores of witnesses have come forward since then with testimony that contradicts and refutes the findings of the Warren Report, we now know that national security was not at stake. Protecting the official story was the reason.

      Don’t expect the History Channel to give you a full picture of the Kennedy Assassination.

      Thank you for sharing your story. Every new piece of the puzzle gets us closer to the truth.

      1. What I found interesting is that Dr. Young kept mentioning the “Queen Mary” as being the “open convertible”. The QM was the SS Follow-up Car. Wasted time.

  5. We are interested in Jefferson Morley for an interview about her latest book about The CIA and JFK. The Jim Paris Live Show is a Sunday night radio show on the Genesis Communications Network. You can get more information about the show at Jimparisradio.com. Mr. Morley will have a full hour to promote his book and be interviewed by Jim Paris. It runs live from 10-11PM eastern time. Please let us know if he is available. Thank you.

  6. On July 26, 2016, I posted this on another page on this site concerning ‘Celebrating Jim Garrison at UNLV’.

    “I feel strongly that Lee Harvey Oswald actually believed that he was on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository on November 22, 1963 to help protect Kennedy from an assassination attempt as the result of a ‘deal’ he had made with the U.S. government that would allow him to come back into U.S. society and live a normal life again with his wife and their two young daughters. I feel that way because of a clear revelation that I had in Moscow in early 1993: He and I both spent three years in the Soviet Union, we both were engaged to Russian women (He married his fiancee, I did not.), we both had/have political views that are not accepted in the U.S. and we were both considered a ‘lost person’ by the U.S.. Being considered a lost person in the USSR meant that your government has given up on you, since you had decided to go your own way. In other words, Oswald was a prime target to be set up.”

    If Oswald actually fired a shot or shots from the Sixth floor, I feel that they were most likely directed at the actual assassins – and not at Kennedy – since he was there to protect Kennedy.

  7. Douglas McIntyre

    Regarding the subject of two shots with emanated from the TSBD:
    Does Mr. Morley or any other poster have an opinion as to the possibility of Malcolm Wallace being the so-called “sniper’s nest” shooter on the 6th floor?

    Certainly some researchers (Dr. Walt Brown, Barr McClellan etc) believe one of Wallace’s right pinky fingers left a partial fingerprint on a cardboard box in the sniper’s lair, later identified by CLFE Nathan Darby as coming from none other than Mac Wallace. Such evidence would tend to point to LBJ’s involvement in the assassination planning, execution and cover-up.

    (I believe it is fairly settled that Wallace was a loyal LBJ henchman and a convicted murderer of golf pro Douglas Kinser, unbelievably receiving a suspended sentence from a Texas judge in a case that seems, at least to me, Brown and McClellan to be a slam dunk, premeditated case of first degree murder.


  8. JFK spoke against global banks and secret societies and approve things the DOD requested like Operation Northwoods (Google it). Plenty of motives for the wizard of oz

  9. It is 12:38 PM where I am posting from on 3/9/2016. This is the only page I have been successfull in pulling up for JFKfacts.
    I get the “404 Error: Not found” message for all the other links I tried!?!

    Does anyone have any idea of what is happening here?

    1. Important or urgent comments may be submitted here, temporarily until technical issues are solved. I will be able to read any comment submitted in reply to any comment in this particular comments thread.

      7:47 PM EST – March 9, 2016

      1. Hi Tom, That’s cool, but we can’t draw up any of the comment threads until the issues are resolved anyway.
        Did you think to call Mr Sherlock Holmes???


      2. Thanks for the update. I figured you might be ill or taking a well deserved day off, or, maybe got fed up with our ignorance or in some cases insolence and told Jeff to take a hike. Did the NSA or CIA finally develop a beam to penetrate our tin foil hats? You know some of us are always looking for a conspiracy in everything :).

  10. i was wondering is there any footage with the actual audio from the JFK assasination ii have looked and have found nothing of the gun shots sound

    1. Ron King,

      This video with Joshua Thompson has it at the very end of his talk:
      When the sound is added by syncing the audio from the dictabelt recording there is no question that the film shots match up with the audio of the shots.
      Without the slightest doubt the Zapruder film is authentic.

      1. Willy, it may be ‘authentic’ but this does not mean it is not ‘altered’. I believe it is, dark spot in back of head has been altered. hopefully there will be more evidence of this in near future.

  11. I don”t know where else to post this. It’s interesting that 5 of 6 current comments are by 2 defenders of the WC. I guess this site is a threat to their belief’s or they wouldn’t care.

  12. Hello Mr. Morley & members of this blog.

    I want to say that I am simply delighted to discover this site, and that I appreciate it’s mission fully.

    I am a retired special effects artist, working professionally for some 25 years in the field. My credits include some of the major blockbusters from the 1980’s. I have been a special effects enthusiast from the time I was 12 years old. I began my own film making at around the age of 15, using 8 mm, and then graduating to 16 mm in my early 20’s.

    I have also been a forensic historical researcher for many years, beginning with the JFK Assassination in my early 20s (I was 16 when the event took place). I am convinced that the event was a Coup d’Etat. One of my favorite sources has been Fletcher Prouty, who I still consider a critical source of inside information on the CIA and Military Industrial Complex.

    I will be studying the past issues on this site.

    Again, thank’s for a great resource!
    ~Willy Whitten

    1. Willy, I too was 16 on 11/22/63. Some of the most compelling bits of information I have gleaned over the years is Dr. Barber’s testimony to the HSCA in December 1978 and Dr. Randolf Robertson’s article dated 11/23/2015 with three photographs that Kodak retrieved in 1998, now at the National archives.

  13. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I believe that, among others, one reason that the JFK research community has gotten off track and is still wasting its time trying to determine, for example, how many shooters there were in Dealey Plaza that day, is that this plot was a ‘body-centric’ plot. The central insight is that President Kennedy’s body is THE key piece of evidence in this case.

    I will also drop another hint: there is a document that has been extant (available for public examination) since one week after the assassination, which holds a gigantic clue about what really happened, especially at Parkland Hospital. I am not at liberty to divulge this source because it would violate a trust that I have with another JfK researcher. To our best knowledge, no other researcher is aware of this evidence. It goes right to the heart of what is shown on the Zapruder film – and WHAT IS NOT SHOWN!

  14. I believe 3 people shot JFK.
    The first person to shoot JFK was Oswald and the second and third person was someone from the crowd.
    That is just my opinion though.
    There needs to be a new inquiry into this case to consider that Oswald may not have been alone.
    Their is some evidence to say that Oswald was not alone and it needs to be investigated further in my opinion.

  15. We can all debate and discuss the treachery of 22/11/63 and demand the truth. The murder of one of Americas greatest leaders goes far deeper than LBJ or the CIA. There is an order which runs this world keeping the rich rich and poor poor. JFK was the biggest threat to this group like Caesar before him, and Jesus Christ before that. Removed from our world because he dared to be different and change things for the better of mankind and to the detriment of the rich and powerful. RIP JFK. RFK.

  16. Dear Folks

    Just found your site courtesy of IBTimes

    When JFK visited Ireland in 1963 I was 4 years old

    I sat on my Dads shoulders and waved a little Stars and Stripes flag when JFK disembarked from his helicopter-the very first helicopter most Irish people had ever seen

    His assassination was an enormous psychological catastrophe for Ireland and the Irish Nation of both my parents generation and mine

    50 years later that little flag is still there, in the same drawer, in the same cupboard, in my parents house

    My dad will be 86 this year and my Mom will be 80

    We will never forget him

    We want to know the full truth


    Seamus Darcy

  17. decoys,doppelgangers and semi-silenced weapons,Their use proves conspiracy.The Triple overpass team used all three.the tsbd team used a switch.the Dal-Tex team an epileptic and a drunk for diversion with Leopoldo and the umbrella man for I.D. of JFK.The killers feared they would kill an imposter.

  18. Just discovered this site. Excellent. Thank you. I was in Dallas a month ago and for the first time took a visit to the Sixth Floor Museum. I was disappointed when I discovered I could not look out of the window where Oswald supposedly shot from. I was also disappointed there were no guides. We put on headsets and listened to a pre-recorded tour. Everybody walked around silent, listening. It was eerie. I did however take a peak out one of the windows and walked around the grassy knoll. I came home with two conclusions: Oswald was the luckiest shooter in the world or this was a well organized, well hashed plan.

  19. Has anyone considered who had motive to kill BOTH JFK and RFK?
    Jimmy Hoffa was put-away in jail by the Kennedys…so, consider this: JFK assassinated, RFK assassinated, Hoffa missing. After
    so many years I’m wondering why people haven’t made this connection?

    1. Gary, “The Committee of 300” is responsible for all of the “Big Event Assassinations” And they’re protected. My recently released book, “The Jon Benet Ramsey Case And Much More…” details some of this. You’re correct about Hoffa and the Kennedy’s. Also Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Gen. George S. Patton, and Admiral James Forrestal! My book goes into detail about J.F.K.’s murder. I refused to work for the “Commie 300” 3 times. You can find my book at amazon.com and Kindle Books. The Crime Family shills are already attacking it, and the CON-trolled Red Press refuses to even speak to me, or about my book. Great observation! Gary. Your friend, and America’s “The Specialist”

  20. Greetings, We enjoyed your interview with James Corbett. What are your thoughts on the psychology of having a fighter jet flyby tribute in Dallas to mark the 50th Anniversary of the “Kennedy Assassination” or as we call it: The Military Coup of 1963. As you know, the lucky spectators will sit on seating platforms constructed to obscure the grassy knoll directing attention to a speaker platform where historian David McCullough (an alum of Skull and Bones) will give the keynote speech. Let that sink in. I hope to attend your presentation at the COPA conference if I can purchase admission at the door but if not my question to you is this: Is the “Official” ceremony intended to remember a fallen president or to honor the men who killed him? Instead of the usual 12:30 pm moment of silence there will be a fighter jet flyby. Is this more than an inappropriate gesture. Is it intended also to psychological intimidate observers with an unsubtle message? That from the Pentagon perspective of 50 years ago, the Joint Chiefs rescued the cold war from a premature end on Nov 22, 1963 and now on the 50th anniversary they are to be honored.

    Is it too much to ask your assistance in helping to set the record straight: Remember “The Military Coup of 1963” not the Kennedy assassination.

  21. Michael Poblocki

    There is a new fiction book on Amazon.com entitled “French’s Redemption.” It uses the Kennedy Assassination as the top government secret that has been kept for fifty years until someone accesses classified information and publishes a book that details the entire plot….all true. It’s a good read.

  22. Sometime in 1964 or 1965, some people came out with a play called “MacByrd.” or “MacBird.” It was based on Shakespeare’s”MacBeth” and was about an assistant (Modern) ruler who murdered his way to become the Big Ruler. There were simililarities to LBJ & his family. It did not stay around very long, I don’t know what happened to it. Do any of you remember it? It never made Broadway, I read about it in (I think LIFE Magazine as it was the only one I read every week.) It did arouse some curiosity before it disappeared.

  23. Are you all planning to present some information of John & Nellie Connally? I remember reading an article in the Ladies Home Journal by Nellie Connally titled “Since that Day in Dallas>” One of the reasons it was interesting is that rumor had it that she refused to speak about the events of 22 Nov. 1963 until she agreed to that article. Her husband, the governor, had by then switched from being a Democrat to a Republican. There was some information put out that he had been advised “not to ride with the President”, that day. But wouldn’t if have looked odd if he didn’t? What would that do to the myth of Democrats United in the Republic of Texas? Wasn’t it to unify the squabbling Democrats that the president had been asked to visit Texas? There was little in the artical that stands out, just the general “brave Jackie” theme. Don’t believe Lyndon & Lady Bird were mentioned.

  24. The 9-11 Warren-Kean Commission is an apt description. I warned the C.I.A., D.I.A., Delta Force in July of 1978, and N.Y.P.D. in 1985, of a 4 plane suicide attack by the P.L.O.,through my best friend who worked for thier most covert, and elite unit. Later I switched the profile to the Al Qaida. Bush got the last warning via the C.I.A. on Aug. 6, 2001, and did nothing about it. I was guaranteed that I would be able to testify to the Warren-Kean Commission by a Senators Staffer. After I provided my 27 page hand written opening statement. I was disallowed to testify. They covered up for “The Committee of 300, British MI6” manufactured, armed, shipped, and equipped Al Qaida. Who Prime Minister, Obama and his “Committee of 300 Comrades” are once again arming, and equipping, in Syria, like they did in Egypt, and Libya. Let’s see? The Al Qaida are “Our” enemy here in America, in Afghanistan, and Iraq. And “Our Brave Soldiers”, and others, are being killed, maimed, and families are made desolate for life. But yet! “The Red Puppet” is supporting them elsewhere. When does the Lawful Prosecution begin? I’m been ready to testify! Also with the Hard Evidence that “We” have in the J.F.K. assassination! God Bless America! Because We need it!

  25. Zelikow had to leave his job as head of the Presidential Tapes Project at the Miller Center, where they appear to have intentionally mis-transcribed certain parts of the Oval Office and AF1 Tapes to obscure the truth or for political purposes.

    1. Austin Sydney

      I know that this is a JFK focused website, and I only raised 9/11 because I see many parallels between the JFK story and 9/11.

      I don’t appreciate my comments being censored on this website when they were provided respectfully. I would like to continue to participate on this website, but if my comments continue to be censored, I will not.

  26. My observations are as follows:

    When the Government sets up a commission to investigate a crime (e.g., the Warren Commission, HSCA, 9/11), it is not for the purpose of getting at the truth, it is for damage control.

    Those in power believed that the Warren Commission didn’t do a sufficient job in damage control because of efforts by early serious researchers (e.g., Garrison, Mark Lane, and others) in raising doubts about the findings of the Warren Commission.

    Thus, the HSCA was set up. But, again, the HSCA was not interested in getting at the truth, but for plugging holes in the shortcomings of the Warren Commission.

    The 9/11 Commission was another repeat of the Warren Commission. However, they learned their lessons this time by not rehashing a follow-up committe for 9/11. It would only raise more doubt of the official story, as it did in the JFK story.

    My theory as to why they will never come forth with the true story of what happened is that they want to reserve those same or similar options if the need arises in the future. If they would admit involvement to these crimes, then it would be harder for them to defend cover stories of future events they orchestrate.

    Further, I believe that “national security,” as they see fit, trumps the Laws of the United States. We see this over and over again. The internment of American of Japanese descent; the removal of a President duly elected in accordance with the Constitution; the staging of a false flag to muster public support for a perpetual military agenda in the Middle East.

    The wrapping is very aesthetic full of notions like freedom, democracy, rule of law, etc., but when you open the box, you find something else inside not as aesthetic.

    1. I disagree strongly that the 9/11 Commission is “a repeat of the Warren Commission.”

      The Warren Commission did not present an intellectually coherent or factually well-documented account of the causes of JFK’s death. The 9/11 Commission did.

      The evidence is quite strong that that 9/11 was indeed a conspiracy–a conspiracy organized by Khalid Sheik Mohamed and funded by Osama bin Laden. They were the intellectual authors of the 9/11 attacks.

      That’s not to say we know the whole story of the intelligence failure that culminated on 9/11. Why the FBI wasn’t informed when two identified al-Qaeda assets who would become hijackers entered the country in January 2000 has never been satisfactorily explained. But there is no doubt in my mind that KSM and OBL were the authors of the attacks.

      1. Thanks for your comments, Jeff. I don’t agree with your view on 9/11, but I respect it.

        I think you did a great job with the discovery of George Joannides as the handler for the DRE during the Oswald contacts, and the CIA disgenuous assignment of Joannides as the CIA liason to the HSCA.

      2. Parallels between Warren Commission and 9/11 Commission:- I have trouble understanding the choice of Philip Zelikow as the Allen Dulles of the 9/11 Commission due to the paper he co-authored in 1998 entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism” which fantasises 9/11 with remarkable prescience. “It would be another Pearl Harbor”, a transformative event in which history was measured before (9/11) and after (9/11) etc. Mr. Zelikow’s other expertise is in myth-making and he has been involved in transcribing much of the Kennedy White House Tapes (a golden opportunity to alter the historical record and indulge in yet more myth making?).

        1. Initially, the White House wanted Henry Kissinger to head the 9/11 commission – that, in-and-of-itself, smells afoul. It was through the efforts of certain victims’ family members, specifically the “Jersey Girls,” that they discovered Kissinger’s to have conflicts of interest due to him having clients by the name of Bin Laden.

      3. They left WT7 out of the entire report.

        They ignored NYPD and NYFD witnesses and VIDEOS of the sight and sounds of explosions occurring separate of the planes’ impacts just before and after.

        They ignored the explosive breakup of the buildings seen in videos that occurred at the center of the building in addition to the SYMMETRICAL demolition of each floor below the impact zones of the planes. The buildings were completely stable after the impacts and the floors were hermetically sealed. The elevators impacted only had limited range in terms of floors covered and they did not offer full access to allow heat, fire, and fuel to cause damage to the rest of the building; the fuel burned off within seconds and due to FAA regulations, could not have been a type of fuel that would cause the heat needed to soften the steel closest to it when ignited, let alone reach any of the unbreached, hermetically sealed floors below.

        The 19 hijackers who controlled hundreds of people and militarily trained pilots with only boxcutters weren’t on the flight manifests and their bodies never recovered, with at least five of them being seen alive after the controlled demolition, yet there was a pristine passport of one of the patsies that apparently survived without a mark that was located near the scene.

        The crisis acting was debunked, proving the passenger calls from the flight could not have occurred at the altitude as claimed.

        The 9/11 Omission was worse than the Warren Commission. At least the Warren Commission got the cause of death right. The 9/11 Omission couldn’t even get the cause of collapse right. After research of the fuedalist neocon closet Marxist organization PNAC and its Hegelian confederates, one should be very careful in having faith in commissions controlled by the same people who can lose trillions of our dollars stolen for their DoD funding with no repercussions.

      4. I agree wholeheartedly with you on every point that 9/11 is not a repeat of the WC*. In a nut shell, the towers collapsed at their point of impact. Building 7 was impacted by a huge chunk off one of the taller towers with raging fires that destabilized it’s structural integrity as predicted by the fire fighters using a transit level (they saw the sag on the vertical and knew it was destined to collapse). However, I know a few engineers (one of whom was 1st noted for his excellent work on debunking the “jet effect” theory of the JFK Assassination) that disagree with the official version.

        *I still don’t understand how the USA was caught by surprise.

  27. Want To Know More?
    Why is the Sixth Floor Museum listed under the heading ‘scene of the crime’? That is highly speculative as you are well are. Surely, many felt at the time the grassy knoll was the so-called scene of the crime. As Bonnie Ray Williams and Charles Givens where they originally thought the scene of the crime was. You could list the sixth floor museum as “a historic assassination site.” Wouldn’t that be less judgmental? Less opinionated? Or are you simply stating the editorial belief of the website editors?

    1. I call the Sixth Floor Museum “the scene of the crime” because the assassination took place in front of the Texas School Book Depository, now home to the Museum. No matter what one thinks of the causes of JFK’s assassination, it is certain that at least two gunshots were fired at the presdidential motorcade from the Book Depository. These are factual statements and the basis of my opinion. I know of no reputable account of the assassination that says no gunshots were fired from the Book Depository or that JFK’s murder took place somewhere else.

      1. Maybe it was ONLY two shots from the TSBD 6th floor. There’s a strong possibility of that, which leads to other shots coming from at least one other location.

      2. I came across your post just now while using searching the net for something else. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but that’s all it is–your opinion–and (IMHO) it is seriously flawed and not credible (i.e., not worthy of belief). Bottom line (which goes unmentioned in your post, and which you have always studiously ignored): there were no entry wounds on the rear surface of JFK’s body, when it was observed at Parkland Hospital. There certainly were two entries present (along with clothing holes that didn’t match–see B.E., Chapter 7, for detailed discussion) when the autopsy commenced some six hours later at Bethesda Naval Hospital. It it also a fact that when Humes, the autopsy doctor, called Perry either very late on 11/22 or early the net day, Perry said that Humes asked him “if we had made any wounds in the back” (quote based on recollection. See Best Evidence for details). The key issue is whether the two entry wounds reported at Bethesda (and most importantly, the lower one in the back, or shoulder) was present after the shooting, or was (somehow) “added” prior to autopsy. When Humes wrote the autopsy report, he originally wrote (of the rear wound) that it was an “entrance” (and then added the words “presumably of” entry. A very telling addition. IMHO: The rear entries were added after the fact. If they were actually present on JFK’s body immediately after the murder, they would have been observed –widely observed–at Parkland. If even a single person saw the entries, their presence would have been all over the new. They were not observed at Parkland, and I believe they weren’t observed at Parkland because they weren’t there. Jeff Morley: You should understand the myriad anomalies connected to the issue of these two (allegedly present) entries before making these bland (and bald, and incorrect) pronouncements about your “certain” opinion –which you present as fact–that there is “no reputable account” that says “no gunshots” were fired from the TSBD. Yes, there certainly is “evidence” that shots were fired from the sniper’s but I put the word in quotes, because I believe such “evidence” is the result of a strategic deception that was executed at the time of the shooting. As the editor/creator of JFK Facts, you should respect the record when you write with such unqualified certainty about this crucial and critical subject. DSL 8/3/19)

        1. Mr. Lifton, I’ve read your remarks to Mr. Morley. Sir, you wrote Best Evidence correct?? Yet, you should have known that the reason no wounds were seen on Kennedy’s back in Parkland was because they didn’t turn him over to examine the body. Also, one ( Bennett??) of the Agents in the QM ( follow up car ) did report he saw evidence of a bullet striking Kennedy from behind and in his back/shoulder area. With statements like yours, especially from a WC Investigator, makes it even more obvious as to why JFK’s killing was mishandled by those people ( you Sir) actually given responsibility for solving it.

      3. Jeff, you say that ” it is certain that at least two gunshots were fired at the presdidential motorcade from the Book Depository”, but you should demostrate your assertion, because the US government, through the WC, never has shown the paths of the trajectories in the body of president Kennedy, and so that would point at the 6th floor of the TSBD.

        1. I’m not sure I understand your question about the trajectories. My conclusion is based mainly on the testimony of the Connallys who were quite certain that the first shot hit JFK in the back and the second hit the governor in the back.I think the Zapruder film supports this assertion.

      4. I think the shots came from the grassy knoll (shooter is mertz the french gunman) and the Dal-Tex building (cuban shooters) because Brading, mafia guy, is arrested outside the Dal-Tex. The TSBD team planted the rifle to set up Oswald. Lamar Waldron has the most accurate theory and Oswald worked with Angleton to find Russian moles when he defected to Russia, and David Atlee Phillips to get a cuban visa to kill Castro. The only direct CIA involvement came from Cuban CIA agents Barker, Sturgis, and Morales who all worked for Traficante/Marcello in secret to plan the attack. The mafia paid the expenses of Mertz and the Cuban exiles Alpha 66 hit squad. The mafia paid the dallas PD to cover up and implicate Oswald.

    2. There are witness accounts as to a shooter on the west end of the 6th floor as well as the famous sniper’s lair.

      Moreover, extant photos may indicate movement of boxes or another figure suggesting more than one person.

      Two shots are highly possible.

      Other possible locations include the Dal-Tex building and County Records building but nobody saw any shooters there.

      The GK is another source for a shot as you already know.

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