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  1. James Deluzia

    I have been researching this fascinating conspiracy for about 25 years, but only now discovered this web site. After posting the above comments, I realized that I was replying to remarks made years ago. Still, I believe my replies are timely and accurate.

  2. please help with one point of fact on john kennedy assassination.
    dr.hume probed the back wound on president kennedy.
    dr. hume found the wound shallow. no exit.
    dr. hume found no bullets,at least none reported.
    if the back wound was shallow,and had no exit,then how did the throat wound occur?
    if we believe three shots fired-one missed,one in the back,one hit president kennedy’s head,then where is the shot that caused the throat wound?
    the assumption is a bullet was found on a stretcher at parkland.
    that bullet cannot be the one that caused the throat wound because it never exited president kennedy’s back.
    dr. hume thought this bullet worked it’s way out during examination at parkland. no one will ever know this to be fact.
    if the “magic bullet” fell out onto the stretcher from the shallow wound on president kennedy’s back,then it cannot be the “magic bullet” that went through two people in the car,and fell out of the shallow wound on president kennedy’s back. can only be one way or the other.
    if the throat wound is one of entrance,then where is the exit for that bullet.
    please advise errors of fact stated here.
    thank you,
    thomas voss

    1. The throat wound is an exit wound, not an entry wound. The entry wound was in the Presidents back. The bullet ricocheted off the top of the lung and exited the neck. That bullet became CE399. The exit wound was small and circular. Dr. Ronald Jones said that if that would was an exit wound, then it was caused by a bullet moving at very slow velocity, so slow, it almost did not exit the body.

      Here is a video clip I made to illustrate what happend. There were two closely spaced shots, in a time span of about 1 second. The first bullet struck JFK in the back, ricocheted off the top of the lung cavity and exited the neck. It grazed the left side of John Connally and ended up in his clothing and became CE399. A SECOND bullet, fired a second later, completely missed JFK and struck John Connally under the right armpit.

      Here is the video clip that show John Connally reacting to TWO closely spaced shots. Please observe that JFK and COnnally are reacting at the same time to the first shot. Connally flips his hat to the left as if swatting a fly. That was the slow moving bullet after it passed through JFK’s torso and neck. Everything we know about the first shot tells us it was moving slowly, both when it hit the President and then exited his neck. If aiming at the Presidents head, but the bullet strikes low and in the back that is circumstantial evidence the bullet was traveling below the design velocity of the ammuntion. I could go on, but I am reaching the word count limit.

      1. J. Franklin Foster

        Mike, your theory is diametrically opposed by every attending physician at Parkland., until of course the were threatened by the CIA and the WC that if they didn’t change their poe World War III would occur. The front was an entry wound. The back was entry wound. Kennedy’s brain has disappeared so God only knows how much and what type of bullet(s) remained inside of him and what path the bullet(s) took through his head. The angle of the back so completely did NOT align with the throat wound (which attending physician said they widened to put the oxygen tube in) that Bethesda Naval Hospital refused to send autopsy pictures to the WC. Then our illustrious future President, Gerald Ford, actually took a marker and moved the agreed upon entrance wound of the back wound upward two inches in effort to accommodate the single bullet theory. Unbelievable. The the Lone Assassin and the Single Bullet theory are preposterous fantasies.

        1. Exactly, only limitations of space prevent either of us or a host of others from showing from “What the Parkland Doctors Saw,” that JFK was hit from the front and the back. Oswald didn’t shoot anyone that day, neither Tippit nor President Kennedy. He cannot even be linked to the 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano by a credible chain of custody. He cannot be placed in the so-called “sniper’s nest” when the shots were fired. He can, however, be relevantly connected with all sorts of intel agencies and several covert ops, though. The CIA’s Mexico City fiasco, that is, a critical part of the attempt to frame Oswald, took place September 27-October 2 or 3rd, 1963. Almost two full months before the crossfire in Dealey Plaza.

  3. I have two very important pieces of information that I’d like to share with, preferably, David Mantik. Does anybody have an email for the man? I think I can cover the movement of right arm to throat and a lot of misinterpretation as to the throat wound. I am medically trained and not a nut – but I have seen something fresh, after 15 years of JFK study as complete disbeliever in the WC.

  4. I believe that an intelligent scrutiny of the Zapruder film reveals 1) two head shots hit JFK simultaneously, one fired from DalTex building (this shot went thru/across top of JFK s head, struck Connally wrist, ricocheted off limo door and ended in Connally thigh) ; second shot entered JFK s head at right temple, deflected by skull and exited at right occipital region. This shot obviously fired from fence at grassy knoll not 15 ft. from where Zapruder was standing. How can we explain blood, brain and skull fragments spraying onto Connally and jump seat AND brain, skull fragments spraying onto limo trunk and Elm street? Where else could Connally wrist shot have come from? “Magic” bullet is complete fantasy – the limo is the best evidence of all – 5 shots at limo, one shot hit curb, Teague hit by fragments.

    1. Yes, and no wonder the Warren Commission did not even call the eyewitnesses closest to the shooting to testify, in most cases. Several said the affadavits presented by the FBI to the Commission did not accurately reflect their sworn testimony. It was a farce of an investigation and the cover-up began to unravel when Mark Lane appeared; read his testimony from March 4, 1964 and see what I mean. He raises crucial issues the WC just distorted or ignored.

  5. I find it interesting that reference is being made about an AR15 full automatic machine gun when the full automatic is really a M-16, often referred to as “Sweet Sixteen.” The AR15 is a semiautomatic.

    The story in reference seems to be very plausible. I would like for your readers to compare and contrast a story in my home town of Lancaster, O. where an alleged similar cover up took place to avoid embarrassment to our local police dept. Go to and look under Fairfield County, O. The John Frazier Story. Read it and weep…nothing is new under the sun.

    And given the current criticisms and revelations of the Secret Service with their late night ventures with prostitution and drinking…well again…I think that this theory deserves more investigation. Also being familiar with the M-16 and how it functions, I could see how such an accident could have occurred.

  6. It’s seem like all the video footage is slowed down smoothing over the slow down of limo and the driver then flooring it causing the limo to take off and whiplash the President backwards. Simple forensics that explains both the massive head wound from the back while the head was going back into the on coming bullet.

    1. “while the head was going back into the oncoming bullet.”?
      What are you suggesting? He was hit in the back of the head after the limo finally took off? Faked or not, watch the z film again. JFK was dead before the limo took off.
      Simple forensics? There is no such thing. Which is why they should have used Forensic Pathologists at the autopsy, of the President of the United States. Why didn’t they? Many respected ones were within an hour away.

      1. For the same reason that, as we watch Greer, Kellerman and the Connallys thrown forward by Greer’s hard braking of the limo, Jackie and JFK are not thrown forward; despite the fact JFK is more than likely dead and limp at this point, and Jackie is perched sideways on the edge of the seat.

  7. Greetings, Mr. Morley

    I haven’t authored a single book; haven’t given a single presentation on this five decades old murder mystery; and, nor can I walk on water, but I am encouraged that right from the very beginning not everyone believed the falsely contrived tale about what happened that fateful afternoon on November 22, 1963.

    I certainly appreciate your tireless efforts, and the invaluable contributions of so many other fine researchers that have poured their hearts & souls into this case through the years.

    No time like the present that we arrive at the truth, and heal this lingering wound. Perhaps 2017 will move toward such closure.

  8. My book, “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking The JFK Plot”can be downloaded for free @:>pdf>probable cause

  9. The conspiracy theorists are very frustrated because the overwhelming amount of evidence they can’t get any of these people prosecuted who are linked to this assassination. It is because they are protected from prosecution under Government Targeted Killing Statutes. Also, they are sheltered by a big, thick, deep, blanket cover.
    Believe me, it is thick. It is deep and it is wide.
    This is why Mr. Morley has been up against the wall with his lawsuit against the CIA trying to get the rest of the documents released. It is like the Star Trek crew vs. The Klingons.
    It is a battle that is never lost or won.
    We do need to bring an end to this.

  10. we need to seek out all the truthful African americans present at the assassination and interview them on television.. The silent people at the big event!

  11. that he really went willingly and that they didn’t put him under the MK-ULTRA mind control drugs when they had him signing these documents and shoo-ing the Secret Service agents away from the car.

  12. The JFK assassination was a massive black operation and a major national security event. I can’t remember if I said this in my book or not. However the legal statute this will come under is called Government Sponsored Targeted Killing. The kind of cover that the government has on this is called a “Blanket Cover”… because it spreads out like a blanket. We need to figure out a way to overcome it,or have it removed.

  13. I am the author of a book called “Probable Cause, Re-Thinking the JFK Plot”. I am not a Warren Report supporter, that is for sure! However, I am challenging some of the ideas which are being promoted by the criminal conspiracy theorists.

  14. I am the author of a book called “Probable Cause, Re-thinking the JFK Plot”. I am trying to reach people interested in the JFK Assassination. I am not a Warren Report supporter. That is for sure.
    However, I am challenging some of the ideas that the criminal conspiracy theorists have brought forth. I would like to post my entire book on this website.
    The JFK assassination was definately not the random crime that the government lead us to believe it was in ’63 and ’64. However it is not going to be the sinister, malicious, “Blood,Money, Power”, personal and political vendetta thing that it has been made out to be. We are dealing with something else here.

  15. Mr. Morley,

    Jeff, I had an email exchange with Dr. Robert Blakey, of the HSCA not too long ago in which I provided some video evidence in which Dr. Michael Baden, who testified on before that Committee, expressed his views that, after speaking with JFK insiders, that RFK, Teddy, and other members of the JFK ‘family’, visited the grave at Arlington, after midnight on November 25th (JFK’s Funeral Date) and placed his ‘brain’ and other materials ‘next’ to the coffin. Dr. Blakey expressed to me that he was unaware of how Dr. Baden gotten this information (and admitted it was important) and that he would follow-up with Baden when he next saw/spoke to him.

    I am wondering if, perhaps, some pressure could be put to bear, on Dr. Blakey (currently at N.D. School of Law), to follow up a little faster. My view is that this event, if it did occur as Baden said it did, would underscore why the presence of then Kennedy’s at other opening(s) of the grave would be so important (to make sure nothing went ‘missing’ in the future is my thought).

    RFK did not open the coffin on that night. They simply put the ‘missing materials’ next to it. Dr. Blakey has seen the video. It is currently available on You tube. Thanks!

  16. I posted this the other day, and people my age responded well…..

    “Does it matter, in 2015, what happened to JFK on Nov. 22, 1963? Very few people my age realize that our government is still withholding evidence on the Kennedy assassnation. Indeed, we are ill informed that right now the CIA is battling American citizens in federal court over their files relating to our President’s death. So, I think when young men and women ask me if it really matters, I would respond by telling them that apparently their government think so. History matters.”

  17. I believe we should have a page for younger people and use social media to meet that need in this case. I am ready to take that challenge on, and am working with Mrs. Fonzi to accomplish this in certain ways, however, I need pointing in the right direction for it to happen on a bigger scale. I’m a social media manager as well, so I know how to use social media to reach my generation.

    -Jacob M. Carter

  18. Bob Prudhomme

    Mr. Morley
    One can only assume, from your lack of response, that you have no interest in my materiel. This is understandable, considering the lower quality of many of the articles on this website. I would certainly not want to show anyone up here. Please do me the favour of deleting my comments from this thread.

    1. You assume wrong Bob. I’ve been thinking about what you wrote. Then I went on vacation for a week. I only just got back to my desk yesterday. Its on my list of things to do now. I will reply shortly. Thanks for your patience.

  19. Bob Prudhomme

    Mr. Morley
    If you are interested, I would like to contribute a few articles to your website. The majority of the work I have been doing, as of late, involves the ballistics and ammunition testimony to the WC of the FBI’s firearms expert, SA Robert A. Frazier. I believe I have found many critical errors in his testimony that would disqualify the alleged assassination rifle and CE 399 from having anything to do with the assassination. My research is entirely fact based, using Frazier’s own testimony, and does not rely upon speculation, as is the case with the majority of JFK research. If you would like to check my work out, I have posted a great deal of it in threads at the Deep Politics Forum.
    Bob Prudhomme

    1. Following your May 16th post, please be patient as many of us would love to learn about your findings.

      As for the ‘majority’ of JFK research, I would say that it may include inferences, logical deductions or theorizations based on available direct or circumstantial evidence, as opposed to ‘speculation’, in an effort to rationalize answers.

      When micro-analysis is involved in JFK assassination research, a la Josiah Thompson, D. B. Thomas or Barry Krusch (and your work as I would imagine & look forward to reading), it involves less conjecture if any at all, and more attestation or verification of known elements.

  20. Recently I came across a picture of a mysterious package “self addressed” to Lee Oswald to another non-existent address. I’ve read somewhere that Mr. Summers had looked into this, and I’m drawing similar conclusions on that address. I would like to know if there were any possible conclusions drawn upon this package by Mr. Summers or any other researcher here. Thanks! Steve

  21. When Oswald was asked if he killed the president he said he didn’t kill anybody. I find it rather telling that the man, Oswald who exhibited radical behavior as evidenced in his military record, trip to both Russia and Mexico and all the rest of his profile wanted some attention from some sources. He wanted to feel important and yet at the moment when he was able to achieve his goal of self importance, he denies killing the president. Has anyone ever talked about this because I have not heard, read or seen it noted in any of the documentaries or movies about the assassination.

    1. James Deluzia

      LHO told the truth when he denied killing anyone. His “radical” behavior was in fact done in service of his country, i.e., he was a spy for the U.S. government when he went to the U.S.S.R. in 1959. He gained fluency in the Russian language at the Defense Language Institute while in the Marine Corps. His undercover work in Dallas (probably for the FBI) was most likely to monitor the right-wing cabal planning JFK’s murder, but in the end he became their patsy. Oswald was completely innocent of any complicity in this heinous crime.

  22. I’ve done radio shows across the country on the JFK assassination and have spoken publicly at events including the COPA conference at Dallas. I interviewed CIA Directors Colby and Helms and also uncovered evidence that the Russians know the truth about the assassination.

    Jim Koepke

  23. I would like for you to take a look at my website (
    and consider this story for the news. Endorsements, President George H.W. Bush,
    Dr. Howard, Jones professor at the University of Alabama, George Wallace,and country
    legend George Jones. Please visit my website for the full story.
    2nd edition Hardback was published 2/25/2013, and the 2nd. edition paper back was published 11/29/2012.
    You can order through my website, or through my publisher Governor John Malcom Patterson of Alabama
    wrote the foreword . I was in Dallas when Lee Harvey Oswald murdered officer J.DTippit,and witnessed
    Lee Harvey leaving the Murder sene.

    Thank you
    Frank Griffin

  24. I think a lot of information- covered up for years- is coming together.
    The recent book “Hear no Evil” is one of the best, but even it leaves out facts as are revealed in Dr Feelgood about Kennedy’s pains and addictions- not to mention his incredible peccadilloes.

    The combinations of Kennedy’s personal weaknesses and (actually far-sighted) feeling on Vietnam created a “cocktail” of reasons to do him in for “national security”.

    As the Altgens photo shows, LBJ was likely warned in advance and hence ducked- before any SSA could have moved him down, but I don’t think LBJ had anything to do with the planning- it was all CIA in the name if national security- and why would the files be sealed so long unless something like this is true?

    As a decades-long shooter, I also cannot buy any discussion that the headshot came from anywhere but the front- it is obvious, convincing and conclusive when Zapruder is reviewed.

    1. Gerry Simone

      but I don’t think LBJ had anything to do with the planning- it was all CIA in the name if national security- and why would the files be sealed so long unless something like this is true?

      I definitely agree that classifying, redacting and sealing documents is ostensibly keeping information from the public that is prejudicial to the intelligence or investigative agencies in respect of the assassination of President Kennedy.

      For even if it involves bona fide national security concerns, what does that have to do with Lee Harvey Oswald, the lone nut ex-marine who was disenchanted with capitalism and democracy?

    2. James Deluzia

      If you study the Altgens photo, it becomes apparent that the first shot was fired from the doorway of the TSBD, where Buell Wesley Frazier was standing with Joe Molina. I believe one or both of them were part of one assassination team. Billy Lovelady et al. were guarding that doorway. If you doubt LBJ’s involvement, I suggest looking up Madeline Duncan Brown and listening carefully to her personal story. It’s on YouTube.

  25. John Fiorentino

    I would be more than happy to assist.

    I’ve researched the assassination for several decades and have authored a book (as yet unpublished) which includes an intro. by Dr. J. K. Lattimer, author of “Kennedy and Lincoln.”

    In 2008 I was published (Rebuttal – Letter to the Editor) in a peer-reviewed statistics journal, Journal of Applied Statistics, Vol. 2 #1 re: the bullet lead in the JFK assassination. I am also a regular contributor to Dr. McAdams forum at alt.assassination.jfk

    1. Steve Kasarsky

      Martin, all I need is to find out which military unit were stationed in Ft. Meade, Md. in 1948-1949 so I can check Unit Rosters. Ft. Meade may have been the nexis of Military Intel in the 40’s.

    1. Yes we we are. We can meet all your needs in both research and presentation.

      Tell me more via email. Write to: info@jfkfactorg.

      1. Can anyone do some research into the identity of the dark-complexioned mystery man? I have a very good candidate. He was a JFK hater. I wrote a manuscript about why I believe I know him. I have informed FBI but I am afraid they deep-six my story. I do not have resources to continue my research. If interested please contact Steve Kasarsky, click or call 662-988-3145.

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