1 thought on “A trip through history in Dallas ”

  1. It defies reason that “the perfect spot for an ambush” was something that happened by chance.

    It also defies reason LHO would try to kill the President from his place of work.

    It was a finely crafted plot that was successful.

    They didn’t count on however someone like Zapruder filming the Assasination.

    Or the relentless work of researchers which continues to this day.

    It is a mystery that is slowly being untangled.

    We need more files/records.Some records may be privately held.

    Dr. Humes autopsy report and notes. Did he really destroy those

    Everyone was made to adhere to the official story of what happened 22/11/63.

    There is one huge problem with that because there have been endless loose ends and things that are very hard to believe for most people.

    The Single Bullet Theory is one.

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