A question about the grassy knoll

MIke writes:

People keep putting stock into people who said the shot came from the knoll. Yeah I know those days were chaotic they might’ve thought it came from the mall but I look at it in the context of 911. There were there were reports that there was a sniper at the Lincoln Memorial, bomb exploded outside the state department all witness accounts turned out to be totally ridiculous. I think the silence is probably shot came from behind. What’s your response?

Dealey Plaza Witnesses
JFK researcher Stewart Galanor compiled this breakdown of what Dealey Plaza witness said about the direction of the gunfire. (TSDB stands for Texas School Book Depository)

Thanks MIke, I think there’s huge difference between those isolated and uncorroborated reports that we heard about on 9/11 and the dozens of witnesses who talked about what they saw and heard on November 22.

Twenty one law enforcement officers present at the Dealey Plaza crime scene said they thought a shot had come from the grassy knoll. I think this is significant because law enforcement officers are trained in handling crime scenes and familiar with the sound of gunfire. They are, in general, better crime scene witnesses than the average person.

Dr. Robert McClelland, who tried to save JFK’s life, observed his wound from the distance of a few feet away. McClelland said he was shot from the front.

So, these are highly credible witnesses with first hand experience whose accounts tend to corroborate each other. 
Unlike unconfirmed reports on 9/11, their accounts cannot be described as ridiculous. To the contrary, the question is, on what basis can they be dismissed?

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