A Documentary Does Justice to Tink Thompson, the First Scholar of JFK’s Assassination

Don’t let the dumb subtitle put you off. This is not a documentary about “conspiracy.” ” Produced by the ABC News affiliate in the Bay Area, JFK Unsolved is a quality production that explores and explains Last Second in Dallas, the new book by Josiah (“Tink”) Thompson that sums up his 50 years of investigation of the death of John F. Kennedy. Thompson’s work is, in a word, rigorous.

As a philosophy professor and private investigator, Thompson is uniquely equipped to grapple with the deep and complex questions raised by November 22, 1963. And he has convincing answers.

Highly recommended.

Tink Thompson
Josiah “Tink” Thompson at his home in Bolinas, California.

ABC7 has a slick web page about the documentary.

You can buy the book, Last Second in Dallas, from the University Press of Kansas.

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