A Documentary Does Justice to Tink Thompson, the First Scholar of JFK’s Assassination

Don’t let the dumb subtitle put you off. This is not a documentary about “conspiracy.” ” Produced by the ABC News affiliate in the Bay Area, JFK Unsolved is a quality production that explores and explains Last Second in Dallas, the new book by Josiah (“Tink”) Thompson that sums up his 50 years of investigation of the death of John F. Kennedy. Thompson’s work is, in a word, rigorous.

As a philosophy professor and private investigator, Thompson is uniquely equipped to grapple with the deep and complex questions raised by November 22, 1963. And he has convincing answers.

Highly recommended.

Tink Thompson
Josiah “Tink” Thompson at his home in Bolinas, California.

ABC7 has a slick web page about the documentary.

You can buy the book, Last Second in Dallas, from the University Press of Kansas.

8 thoughts on “A Documentary Does Justice to Tink Thompson, the First Scholar of JFK’s Assassination”

  1. After reviewing Charles Tague’s u-tube about the superficial wound he received in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, I am convinced that this would have been gunshot #1. Per Secret Service analysis of that shot, it ricocheted off of the arm of the traffic signal, directly below the sixth floor window. It then glanced off of the curb of the street near Tague’s location with the concrete splatter causing his face to bleed. Can it be true that same bullet then left a Nick at the concrete arch of the overpass? Shot #2 would be the JFK throat wound, #3 the Connelly wound, #4 the JFK frontal head wound and #5 the JFK wound by a shot from the Book Depository. Perplexing!

  2. It’s a great documentary that successfully nudged me a little more in the direction of a Grassy Knoll shooter.

    I also enjoyed “JFK Revisited” which you appeared in.

    Hopefully these great new documentaries influence the mainstream media to give a less one-sided view of the Kennedy assassination.

  3. Excellent, meticulous, professional analysis from a true leader in the assassination research community.
    For the people in this country who want to know the truth about what happened on November 22, 1963, look no further.
    For the people in this country who want to know why, the pursuit of truth and justice will continue.
    -Gregory Carty

  4. Unfortunately, those of us that have not accepted the status-quo position established by J. Edgar Hoover in his memo at 4:00 PM on November 24, 1963 have been discredited as “conspiracy theorists.” By definition, a conspiracy involves more than one person to plan or implement an unlawful event. Josiah Thompson concluded from his thorough and professional analysis of the wounds to JFK and John Connolly that the four bullets originated from three different locations, hence three shooters. He also states it was a professional hit. He does not speculate who the perpetrators were. In my opinion, the best synopsis of the JFK Assassination to date. Takes the pressure off of Biden. Just kidding.

  5. I was very impressed with this, not least because it’s a marked departure from the usual MSM line on JFK. I think Josiah Thompson has proven beyond a reasonable doubt that more than 3 shots were fired. It is heartening to see major media (even if only a local affiliate) finally taking that conclusion seriously in a high-quality doc and not copping out at the end with some Warrenite wrap-up about Oswald (to the accompaniment of cheesy music). Very well done indeed.

  6. Yes, the video is quite well done. The team that produced this really did their work to get the archival footage. The idea that two bullets hit Kennedy at the same time is new to me, surprising, but believable.

  7. This is a really good documentary, The still and motion photos are excellent. Also well done are the interviews with some of the key people. I highly recommend this.

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