A comment on ‘JFK Declassified’

Ronnie, a faithful reader, reviews the first installment of “JFK Declassified.”

“I almost turned the show off after the first five minutes. Mr. Baer starts off saying he believes Oswald was the lone shooter but he did not act alone, he was helped or directed by the Soviets. Just about everything I’ve read over the years or seen discussed here and elsewhere indicates Oswald was sent to the USSR as one of several false defectors by US intelligence. Further, they (Soviets) never considered him worthy of possible recruitment.

“With all due respect for Mr. Baer’s CIA experience I got the impression he had not done much background work on the biggest murder case in the history of the United States. Regarding surveillance of Oswald in Mexico City (if he ever went there) I never heard the names Winston Scott or David Altee Phillips mentioned.

“Seeing the locks on the room possibly used to spy on the Embassy was interesting. The speculation of a possible meeting at the bull ring based on post cards was a stretch. If the CIA was keeping close tabs on Oswald in MC would they not have tailed him there? The find-me-in-the crowd (wearing a hood) part seemed a little hokey to me.

“I guess a new/different perspective should be considered with an open mind. I mean some people believed the Australian cop who said the Secret Service guy did it from the follow up car. But, an open mind would also have to consider the possibility that this is a Mockingbird Operation.”

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