Dallas police chief Jesse Curry on the origin of the shots

(H/T Tree Frog)


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  1. Hans Trayne says:

    The white Ford Galaxy about to enter the triple overpass in Ike Altgens photo #7 (Clint Hill arriving at the rear parade car bumper) that contained Jesse Curry & Bill Decker was owned by DPD chief Curry. It’s understandable he would want to drive his own car to Parkland to be with the ambushed President but why didn’t Bill Decker get out & lead his men ‘up on top of that railroad overpass’ & make the arrest/shoot-out of the century? We’re talking a small area and several yards here.

    Had this been done perhaps the infamous grassy knoll shooter would have been apprehended or shot dead instead of being long gone by the time Decker’s men arrived on the scene.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Well, you have to remember, Decker told his deputies to stand outside on the sidewalk and watch JFK go by (some made negative comments about this) but to NOT participate in security for him. Something rotten in Denmark there.

  2. Joseph Colarusso says:

    Why not count up the bullets and fragments recovered.
    If only three shots with three bullets then why is there a bullet whole in windshield
    frame, bullet hole in glass of windshield, bullet striking street curb the hitting
    bystander Tague. More bullet strikes than what they say.
    Why if there is only Oswald as suspect, why no access to papers if lone nut,
    why a continued cover up?
    Disgusting! A man was slaughtered, he had a family and why aren’t we allowed
    to have the truth?
    Cowards! That’s why.

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