Watergate at 50: revelations from newly declassified evidence

In RealClearPolitics James Rosen grapples with the legacy of Jim Hougan’s groundbreaking Watergate book, Secret Agenda.’

Reckoning with Secret Agenda is hardly an academic matter. If Hougan and the other Watergate revisionists are correct, then the scandal that toppled Richard Nixon from power was about much more than a third-rate burglary attempt, the wiretapping of the opposing party, or even a series of covert crimes ordered by a paranoid president. Secret Agenda and its progeny force us, instead, to conceive of Watergate as a Cold War-era power struggle between a duly elected president and the national security state, with Nixon as much a victim in the affair as he was a perpetrator

Source: Watergate at 50: Revelations From Newly Declassified Evidence | RealClearPolitics

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