3 thoughts on “The implications of latest Morley v. CIA ruling”

  1. BTW, I can’t understand how they think the information on Joanidies
    residence in New Orleans in the summer of 63 and contact with the DRE are irrelevant or unimportant regarding public value to History.
    This information might help little old me understand the big picture better.

  2. Thank you again Mr. Lesar. The last part seems most important to me regarding the future. I’m no Dr. Anybody or a Photons on this forum thus much legal speak is Greek to me. I had to google the following
    I still don’t understand a lot about the JFK Assassination but thank you for possibly helping me and others understand a little more maybe.

    Anyone seeking a better understanding of the assassination that does not take the time to read this article is a fool imho.

  3. i appreciate everything you do in this regard. It is outrageous that any citizen would have to go to such lengths just to find out what his/her government is doing.

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