Secret JFK document #1: the Orest Pena interview

To launch the New Year, JFK Facts will highlighting key JFK documents that remain secret in part or in full. We will also be focusing on the effort to make sure that all these documents are made public by the legal deadline of October 26, 2017.

The first is a document that has always intrigued me. As described by Rex Bradford of Mary Ferrell Foundation, it is

A transcript of the HSCA interview with Orest Pena, the New Orleans bar owner who told them that he saw Oswald was palling around with FBI agents in New Orleans. There are actually 3 copies of this 1978 interview with different RIF numbers – all still withheld in full

Source: Mary Ferrell Foundation: Mark the Date


Mary Ferrell Foundation: Mark the Date





  1. Larry Schnapf says:

    “Fact Checking” became a popular phrase during the recent election. It is hard for the American people to “fact check” the JFK assassination when all the facts/records are not available to review. Until all records are released, the conclusions involving the JFK Assassination should be treated as “fake news”.

  2. Jeff says:

    This secret document #1 is contained in the link below on the MFF website (documents 107 and 108).
    What is your assessment of the Pena testimony? Does it provide further areas/people to look further into?


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