Obama meets Raul Castro as U.S.-Cuba Cold War nears its conclusion

The meeting of the two presidents–and the dissolution of the six-decades long Cold War between the two governments–was accompanied by the announcement that the Starwood Hotels and AirBnB are competing in Havana.

You could say the evolution of Cuban socialism has taken a new turn. You could say that the wall of economic embargo and diplomatic hostility that Washington built between the American people and the Cuban people is coming down. Either way, President Obama is making good on a signature promise of his 2008 campaign: to sit down and talk to America’s enemies in an effort to find a more productive relationship. 


The presidents are expected to discuss a path toward normalizing relations,

Source: Obama and Raúl Castro to Meet in Pivotal Moment in U.S.-Cuba Thaw – The New York Times


The Republicans opposed to this policy confront the reality that large majorities of people in both countries favor it.

The State Department is advising Americans on how to travel to Cuba. To wit:

“Tourist travel to Cuba is not yet authorized by current U.S. law.  There are however, twelve categories of people who may visit Cuba without incurring a violation of the travel restrictions.  In all 12 existing categories of authorized travel, travel previously authorized by specific license will be authorized by general license, subject to appropriate conditions.  This means that individuals who meet the conditions laid out in the regulations will not need to apply for a license to travel to Cuba.”

Major League Baseball has come to Havana–and is sure to return.

Plus good photos from CubaDebate.

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