Larry King on Jim Garrison: ‘He’s not a charlatan’

In this archive footage, famed CNN personality Larry King talks about how he was an aspiring radio announcer in Miami in the late 60s when he interviewed New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, then in the midst of his investigation into JFK’s assassination.
At the behest of Miami financier Louis Wolfson, King arranged a dinner with Garrison that included Wolfson, Miami DA Richard Gerstein, and King himself.

Wolfson was deeply interested in Garrison’s JFK investigation. At dinner he offered to quietly provide $25,000 to underwrite it. King, in league with Gerstein, agreed to act as an intermediary to deliver the monthly allotments of $5,000 to Garrison.

(King didn’t quite hold up his end of the bargain, which led to a falling out with Wolfson and the law — a story that eventually involves Richard Nixon.)

King says he heard things at the Garrison dinner — things he says remain unreported — that have “always left me open” on the question of conspiracy in JFK’s murder. For example, Garrison played a tape in which an unnamed pilot said he’d been hired to fly to Dallas on November 22, 1963, to pick up someone who he was to then fly to Mexico. The passenger never appeared at the arranged rendezvous.

And later, when King dropped Garrison off at the Miami airport, Garrison’s parting words to him were: “They’re going to kill Robert Kennedy.”


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12 thoughts on “Larry King on Jim Garrison: ‘He’s not a charlatan’”

  1. 3 things from this interview that stand out for me that I’d Love to have corroborated
    1- “The last words Jim Garrison ever said to me, They’re gonna kill Robert Kennedy”. From Larry King at 2:50 t0 3:05.
    2- The part about the taped interview of the pilot at 7:33 to 8:41. Sounds like that could have been David Ferrie ? Did anyone else ever speak of this recording ?
    3- The arresting cop who Mr King spoke to, saying that all LHO said is “I’m a patsy” at 8:41 to 9:51 of this interview with Larry King. Did this officer or others ever admit publicly to hearing Oswald say this aside from the famous time he was filmed saying so ?

  2. Please check into this Larry King story. King made off with money WOlfson had donated to the Garrison investigation, and Garrison protecting his friend Richard Gerson, kept quiet about it. It’s outlined in “A Farewell to Justice” with the final word going to Garrison: “What money?” So the story told here is not exactly accurate.

  3. Interesting to note that at 9:46 Larry King says that he thinks “someone was supposed to be downstairs at the Book Depository that wasn’t there and he (Oswald) panicked…”.

    King doesn’t say why he thought Oswald was specifically meeting someone downstairs at the TSBD rather than Oswald being on his way to meet someone at the Texas Theatre (or Oswald’s boarding house) who might take him to the airport.

    King also says he interviewed the police officer who arrested Oswald at the Texas Theatre and he says the only thing Oswald said on the drive downtown was “I’m a patsy”.

    If Oswald had realised that he was a patsy at that early stage then a number of things must have gone wrong in a short time for him to come to that conclusion including perhaps no-one meeting him outside the TSBD to take him to the airport to Mexico.

  4. Very interesting interview. It is clear that Larry King is a level-headed guy who believes in the a conspiracy because he knew more about the case than the average person.

    The idea that Oswald was supposed to meet someone on the first floor is interesting to me. The fact is he acted like a man bewildered by what was happening to him when he departed the TSBD and hurried home for a weapon. Perhaps again he was lied to about meeting a confederate at the movie theater (plan B). As such the patsy line rings true. It seems someone was supposed to murder Oswald before he could be arrested (Tippitt?) but it didn’t get done and Oswald was captured alive.

    1. Agreed Thomas. There were reports of odd movements on Tippit’s part shortly before his murder and it’s never been fully explained, to my knowledge, if the corner of Tenth & Patton was in his patrol area.

      I haven’t seen much spoken here about Wes Wise and his experience as a Dallas reporter in 1963, who later was elected and served as Mayor 1971-76. He discovered a witness in Oak Cliff who, on the afternoon of the assassination, spotted a man sitting in his car in a parking lot, who appeared to be acting suspiciously. (By this time, Oswald had already been arrested at the theatre) He took down the licence plate number as a precaution and that night after seeing LHO on the news, he told his wife it was the man he saw acting suspiciously in the parked car that afternoon. Wes Wise discovered this witness and had the licence plate he took down traced – the plates belonged to a Carl Amos Mather. Mather and his wife were close friends with the Tippits and were later at his widow’s house to console her. Carl Mather, as it turned out, worked for Collins Radio, a major contractor with the CIA. Coincidence or conspiracy?

      1. Also ten minutes before Tippits radio is used by the bystander his control radio him up to despatch a job, however, he didn’t reply so what was he doing and why was he not patrolling his area as posted? He was witnessed at a petrol forecourt using the phone shortly before his killing. I read this in “not in your lifetime”. I dare say photon will contradict or denounce the investigative work done by the author.

    1. Well, that certainly establishes his credibility, doesn’t it?
      All we need is Jim DiEugenio to assure us of how Larry was a close personal acquaintance of Sandy Koufax and that everything he has said about that friendship must be true.

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