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  1. Are there more details known about how the DRE resisted “control” before George Joannides was put in charge of them?

    1. Sure. In August 1962, they shelled a Havana waterfront hotel where Castro was expected to attend a meeting. The attack made headlines worldwided. The CIA disavowed any U.S. role in the attack.

      1. Thanks!

        I guess “control” is relative. From “What Jane Roman Said”:

        “In the span of a couple of hours in the evening of November 22, one leader of the Cuban Student Directorate called Paul Bethel, an influential former State Department official active in efforts to liberate Cuba. Another Cuban student called conservative spokeswoman Clare Booth Luce and told her the Directorate knew for a fact that Oswald was part of a Cuban government hit team operating out of Mexico City. A third told a New York Times reporter that the accused assassin was a Castro supporter.

        The next day, November 23, 1963, the Cuban students put their suspicions in writing. They wrote up a seven-page brief on Oswald’s pro-Castro ways. They also published a special edition of the Directorate’s monthly publication. It was a four-page broadsheet with photos of Oswald and Castro together under the banner headline “The Presumed Assassins.” This was probably the very first conspiratorial explanation of Kennedy’s death to reach public print–and the mysterious George Joannides of the CIA paid it for.

        The goal of this operation, say Fernandez Rocha and Salvat, was to destabilize the Cuban government and create public pressure for a U.S. attack on the island. They say they acted on their own.”

        It doesn’t sound to me like they were exactly under US control. It sounds to me that they were trying to control the US – unless of course they were doing what the CIA wanted them to do.

        And speaking of Jane Roman, is the audio of her interview available? I ask because I find it difficult to interpret the transcript. She often seems very confused about events – perhaps hearing the inflection of her voice helps one better interpret what she was meaning to say.

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